Christmas Cheer and Glad Tidings fill Paediatric Wing at SAH


On a crisp winter morning, Santa Claus made a surprise visit to Sault Area Hospital’s Paediatric wing. Santa scooted out of work,  leaving the North Pole in the capable hands of Mrs. Claus and an extensive team of elves. The snow storm almost kept the reindeer fleet grounded, but the weather broke, and Santa lifted off for his 23rd year spreading holiday cheer to children in hospital.

20161216_101429Elmer The Safety Elephant joined Santa, along with an entourage of Sault Police Services personnel, and SAH staff on Friday, December 16th, 2016.

20161216_103200The procession through ‘paeds’ included a stop in the neo-natal unit where Santa held tiny, 4 lb baby Alexsis Stone. Born November 29th, she was 3 lbs. 12 oz at birth.

20161216_102159Santa also spent time with 48 hours old, Chanel Wilson, whose parents Tim & Jana, barely made it in time for her delivery in hospital due to the recent snowstorm.

20161216_101959Cora Twardzick was about 2 hours old when mom Page received a surprise visit from Santa and the gang. ‘The Big Guy’ was very taken with baby Cora, who slept peacefully with her hand-knitted purple and white cap on, cradled in his arms.

20161216_102801Parents Sarah and Kyle Lappage, welcomed baby Danica 24 hours before Santa’s visit.

Chris and Jess McSherry’s baby boy C.J. was born at 3:10 am, making this little fellow about 11 hours old when Santa dropped by with gifts.

20161216_10252920161216_101510The Sault Ste. Marie Kinsmen (District 8) donated the gifts for young children and babies, as well as gift-cards for parents. The Sault Police Services offered gifts of teddy bears to the youngsters and new parents.

Sault Police Services, Chief Keetch shared “This is an opportunity for us to say hello and congratulate parents on their new arrivals. To the whole community, I would like to extend my best wishes for health, prosperity and well being through Christmas and 2017.”

Congratulations to all of the parents from sautonline.