Female Arrested for Assault With a Dog


On the 17th of December 2016 officers with the Patrol Services Division of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service arrested 40 year old Jeanette McCoy-Niganobe of Silverbirch Drive for one count of assault with a weapon.

At 8:05 A.M. officers attended an address on Albert Street East in regards to a noise complaint. The owner of the property spoke with officers and wanted people removed from the residence. Officers spoke with a resident who agreed to go inside and ask the unwanted parties to leave.

While waiting outside, officers heard the accused talking inside of the residence. Officers heard the accused provide commands to a dog to attack the officers. The accused then opened the door and let a dog out towards police. The dog lunged at officers showing its teeth and tried to bite an officer’s leg.

The owner of the property was able to pull the dog away and get it under control. As a result of the incident, the accused was arrested and charged with one count of assault with a weapon. She will appear in court on January 23rd 2016.


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