Fire Marshall’s office to “review” the City


It didn’t appear at city council tonight but the agenda had a letter from the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management stating that the city will be under review.

From the letter:

I am writing to advise you that the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM) will be undertaking a review of fire protection services in the City of Sault Ste. Marie. This review will be conducted pursuant to Section 9. (1) of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA), as follows:

Powers of Fire Marshal

9. (1) The Fire Marshal has the power, (a) to monitor, review and advise municipalities respecting the provision of fire protection services and to make recommendations to municipal councils for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of those services

The areas for review will include:

  • Applicable legislation, by-laws, policies, agreements, planning documents, and similar type documents; as well as
  • Status of current and planned fire protection service levels.

OFMEM staff will be in contact with the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the Fire Chief in the near future to set-up an initial meeting to discuss the review, and to provide a list of requested information/documentation. This information will be required prior to the review team’s site visit. Please note that more than one site visit may be required.

The site visit(s) will be a critical component of the review, and will be scheduled in the near future with the CAO and Fire Chief. In addition, OFMEM officials may interview and request information from other Sault Ste. Marie municipal officials and staff, officials and staff from other municipalities, as well as other government ministries/authorities.

The Fire Chief, as an Assistant to the Fire Marshal, is requested to begin reporting immediately to the OFMEM all emergency responses by the Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services, until further notice. OFMEM staff will contact the Fire Chief to provide additional information regarding this request. The requirements as set out in Fire Marshal’s Directive 2015-002 (Reporting of Fires and Explosions Requiring Investigation) will remain in effect.

During the review, the OFMEM may identify potential issues that are the responsibility of another ministry or authority. As necessary, the OFMEM will notify both the City of Sault Ste. Marie and the applicable ministry or authority of any potential issue.

The OFMEM will provide and present to Council our finalized report. Ongoing municipal cooperation is appreciated, so that the report may be completed in a timely manner.

Further, the OFMEM may post the report on our public website, and may provide information on the report by any other means that the Fire Marshal considers advisable.


  1. We can only hope for the safety of our citizens and firefighters that the OFM can straighten out the mess our City Council and “their” Expert has put us in. We will see what findings they come out with, hopefully sooner than later, and we will all be better for it. It is an unfortunate thing that our Mayor, council and Fire Chief chose not to work with the Firefighters and do a proper assessment. It was the only thing asked for by the Fire union from the very beginning. In the meantime, we can pray for our citizens and firefighters that no one gets hurt while the mess is unravelled. God bless and have a great Christmas. And Susan Myers. If you still don’t care who asked for what and who wants what, it doesn’t matter anymore because they are coming. Will you still be there to back up your expert when the OFM makes their report and finds that “Your” expert plan is fouled? Better yet, will you and the rest of the followers resign? You may think I sound like I side for the firefighters. In the beginning I was neutral, but I have educated myself over the past year+ and you should have done the same. Good luck.

  2. What will really place the City under additional financial hardships, is when the OFM determines less than adequate fire protection staffing for a community our size, after they’ve gone ahead and re-purposed the majority of former firefighting positions to EMS. This self inflicted atrocity in and of itself will buckle city coffers and likely require a revision to the levy.

    Let’s not forget that the MOHLTC has yet to support 50% funding for what appears to be a 50% increase in EMS staffing levels in 2017. How is this argument even justified?? The numbers don’t add up whatsoever, and the financial fallout from this will be catastrophic should the MOHLTC not financially support this part of the realignment as proposed by the Chief, and sanctioned by Mayor and Council.

    I have always been a proponent of defensible change, however this realignment has never been defensible from the onset, and now we’ll look like fools across the province after Fire Marshal posts their finding on the OFM’s website.

    How does this happen in the 21st century???

  3. First it was the Ministry of Labour writing an order, now the Office of the Fire Marshal is doing a review, and all the City’s “Expert” can say is that this is routine! Really?
    Will be interesting to see how Mayor and Council spin this one.

  4. What a mess!!!! By allowing the so called”expert” to make such a disaster, the city will have to clean up for years to come. The overwhelming information and research and true experts in their own discipline questioning what has gone on here in the Sault should finally come to an end. Susan Myers had so much faith in the chief and disregard for firefighters that she would not even listen to anyone else. Guess what council, you have not done your homework and now you are responsible for this.

  5. Good for the Office of the Fire Marshal and now the ill-conceived plan this pompous tyrant has built unilaterally will fall once and for all. And shame on Mayor and Council, soon to be X-Council, for not supporting the resolution to voluntarily conduct a free comprehensive assessment for the good of the community and public safety at large.

    This so called expert had enough balls to state this is a routine situation with the OFM. Give me a break, they are exercising their authority under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act to conduct a thorough and extensive review for what they feel based on evidence is a realignment plan that contradicts the legislation, and relevant standards for firefighters in North America……period!!

    Wake up Mr. 5 Bar, you’re days are officially numbered and you’ll be heading home soon, and hopefully as far removed from our once safe city as possible. Maybe consider a journey on Elon Musk’s Space X mission to Mars and see if your plan will work there!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It is sad that an outside agency has more concern for the Public safety of this City then our own elected officials.
    Bet the Fire Chief, Mayor and Council didn’t see this coming!!!!!

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