Game of Pumps… the saga continues!


This morning on my way into work, I couldn’t help but notice a very significant difference between the prices stations were charging for a litre of regular unleaded fuel. I was passing through the Great Northern Road (north end) where the Trading Post Esso and Flying Jay were at 109.9, the Third Line Mac’s at 93.7, the Shell on the corner of Second Line E. at 109.9 and the Petro Canada kiddy corner at 97.9 cents a litre.

Speaking with a co-worker once arriving at work, he mentioned that the price at the Third Line Mac’s was approximately 108.x not more than 12 hours earlier. Deciding to take a quick ride again, the Circle K on Second Line E. was at 97.9, in line with Petro Canada. I again passed by the Mac’s on Third Line East the price had changed to 97.7 cents in not more than a 20 minute time frame.

While passing by the east end Husky mid morning yesterday, I noticed they had one of the lowest prices so I picked up the phone and called to inquire what their current price was. Unfortunately I was informed that they were not allowed to provide the price per litre over the telephone. This somewhat explains a heated phone conversation another co-worker witnessed while paying for his fuel at a station recently. He was confident that the conversation was between two local stations over what to set their prices at.

The Game of Pumps continues, and hopefully continues to benefit us consumers!