Horwath highlights Northern Ontario hydro woes at Queen’s Park

andrea horwath

TORONTO – Fresh off a three day tour of parts of Northern Ontario, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath raised hydro concerns that she heard from northern businesses and families during Question Period today.

“On Tuesday I met Jean Bastien, mine manager, and a number of miners at Richmont Mines, near Dubreville,” said Horwath. “The company is hoping to hire more employees. But skyrocketing electricity costs are a big problem. They’re hampering the company’s efforts to expand and create more jobs.”

During Question Period today Horwath again called on the Liberal government to do the right thing and stop the selloff of hydro one to help businesses in the north create jobs. Horwath also talked about her visit with Sault Ste. Marie senior Sharon Hill, who is struggling to get by with high hydro bills and no pension.

“It’s not just businesses who rely on hydro that are worried. Sharon’s hydro bills have hit $300 a month already this year and the worst of winter is still to come,” Horwath said. “After a long, full life, people shouldn’t have to worry about something as basic as keeping the heat on.”

Whether speaking with a miner, a saw mill operator, a young family, or a senior like Sharon, hydro bills were the biggest worry that Horwath heard about over the past few days in the North.

“Will the Acting Premier do the right thing for people like Sharon and businesses like Richmont Mines, get hydro rates under control, and stop the sell-off of Hydro One?” Horwath finished.