Letter: Change Is Needed


Recently David Orazietti resigned from his position in the Liberal Party, and as our MPP.

My feeling on this is mixed, David has been a committed member on our behalf, but most of his Liberal Party should be simply that, committed.

In recent years the scandals, and deficit, with the most careless spending has left Ontario with an immense amount of debt to overcome. The job of the next incoming Premier will be to rein in this debt, and while doing so, risks public scrutiny.

This is not the first time a Liberal or NDP Ontario government has left us taxpayers holding the bag, as they ride off into retirement, in much worse shape than when they took office. The job of running our province should not, and can not be allowed by us, the people, to veer so far off course.

Gas plants canceled at the tune of a billion dollars, the Hydro One CEO making more than all other provinces CEO’s combined, four million a year, and inappropriate activity during campaigns, and fund raising.

While David has not been part of this black eye for his Party, it will be part of the legacy the Liberal Party will hold in voters minds for some time. While I would like to thank David for his dedication, and the time he spent representing our city, I look forward to change.

This change should be at both levels of government, both Liberal governments are failing our city, and our country. Trudeau has spent $40 billion on making Canada look foolish, creating not one single job in doing so. Both levels are creating debt that will take spending cuts, cut backs and dedication to fiscal reform.

I liken the spending of the Liberals to college kids going off to school, receiving student loans, and spending all the money on a car and cloths. Once the reality sets in and there is no financial ability to be able to pay bills and school fees, they call the parents for money.

Well, once again, Ontario is in this predicament, and we need financial rescue. Socialist policies and Liberal policies won’t get that job done, we need change, good honest Conservative values on fiscal responsibilities, spending, and help getting businesses to open and operate here in Ontario. Lower taxes, less red tape, and true leadership.

It’s time for change, true change, REAL change.

Lyle Bailey


  1. When the going gets tough the minister of Correctional Services jumps ship.
    There will be many more to follow as the liberal ship falters and sinks.
    The beginning of another fine scandal.

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