Letter: Dear City Council and Upset Taxpaying Citizens of Sault Ste. Marie

letter to the editor

City Council can still pass a 3.43% 2017 Budget with no cuts to service at the Monday Dec. 12, 2016 meeting of City Council.

I urge all upset property tax payers, and all upset Sault citizens who are affected by the planned service cuts in 2017 to show up at City Council on Monday December 12, 2016 down at City Halll starting at 4:15 pm to let City Council know that you want them to restore your services and lower your property tax increase for 2017.

The idea is to convert the 2017 $2.3 Million dollar Asset Management Plan allocation to debt, and take the resulting $2.3 Million dollars and apply it to restoring the services and investments that were cut, PLUS lowering the 2017 tax increase to a more reasonable, yet still harsh, 3.43% just like Councilor Romano, and Councilor Christian wanted city staff to investigate.

That’s all financial mumbo-jumbo for taxpayers will have to pay $240 over 20 years instead of $230 in 2017 to pay for things like City Hall window and roof replacements, and other important upgrades to city buildings.

Sure, its going to cost a total of $10 more over a 20 year period, but that’s better than emptying our taxpaying wallets in 2017.

Plus our taxes won’t go up as much in 2017, and we will have our Summer Students, and our Saturday Landfill and Hazardous Home Waste drop off, and our Summer Yard Leaf Waste Collection, and $820,000 Road Resurfacing, and our Seniors Programming and Furniture, and our Millennium Fountain, and everything else that they cut.

Currently only Ward 1 Councilor Paul Christian, and Ward 5 Councilor Marchi Bruni, two of the seven city council members who voted to approve the 2017 Budget, are interested in hearing about a Resolution to eliminate the cuts that were approved, and lowering the increase in property taxes to 3.43%

The five City Councilors who voted against the 2017 Budget have not yet been contacted.

The good new is that Councilor Bruni and Councilor Christian plus the five City Councilors who voted against the 2017 Budget give us upset citizens a voting majority of City Council πŸ™‚

Things are looking very good.

And Mayor Provenzano and CFO Schell should have no problem supporting this Resolution because it is 100% financially sound, and 100% citizen beneficial.

Come down to City Hall, or watch your bank account fall.

It’s important.

If you don’t show up City Council will think you don’t care.

Mark Andrew Brown
Citizen of Sault Ste. Marie
[email protected]


  1. Yes, SafeCity, I am saying that Council can keep our tax rate down to 3.43% and give us back all the things that they cut at the December 5th Budget Meeting. (unfortunately not the Daycare and Fire reductions my friend – can you tell I’m not a politician πŸ™‚

    And yes they are gradually destroying our essential services with a death by 1,000 cuts. You’re right, SafeCity, we need a city that has the youth, attractions, and services that will sustain our community and allow it to flourish.

    Cuts just won’t get us there.

    So, in order to get the “No Cut 3.43%” that we “lowly taxpayers” and “silent citizens”want, we have to SHOW UP IN BIG NUMBERS to help our City Council make the right decision at next Monday’s City Council meetingl… The more the better!

    So if you and a few of your ticked off friends, and a few of their ticked off friends can join us at City Hall on Monday and let Council know we are serious about getting this “No Cut 3.43%” done at the Dec. 12th City Council meeting that’d be great!

    Please spread the word… next Monday… City Hall… some time between 4:15 and 6:15 pm… whenever you can make it… give our Councillors some support for this “No Cut 3.43%”… Let’s make it standing room only!

    MAB – [email protected]

    • Mark. I wish you luck at this show of concern. I will fortunately be at work. Yes I am lucky that i am working. I will spread the word for taxpayers to attend. If it goes as well as the show of numbers at the Daycare and Fire Cut fiasco your movement will go upon deaf ears. This council is run by the biggest dictatorship we have ever seen in this city. Yes it even tops the Joe era. Until this group is tossed out and we get some real thinkers that can bring business to the city, and restore the services by scraping away the scores of managers we have throughout, we will continue to move backwards into the dark ages. This gong show of a city council continues to pat themselves on the back, while crushing the citizens by making their lives more and more difficult with dangerously reduced services. Cutting the Saturday Landfill and Hazardous Waste will find people increasing illegal dumping, using business dumpsters or heading to the woods. Chemicals will be dumped down drains. There will be more people burning leaves again causing our fire service to attend these situations more frequently. Cuts to services have repercussions that our shallow minded council seems to be incapable to see down the road. This council needs to wake up and listen and I hope your show of concern at the meeting will be noticed and listened to. I wish you luck and am sorry I can’t be there.

      • Thanks for the reply SafeCity,

        I couldn’t agree more that there are dangerous long-term consequences to short-sighted cuts. On top of that our taxes and fees are going UP?!? And I’m sick and tired of paying more for less… at the grocery store, on my PUC bill, and now on my Property Tax Bill.

        The City Council meeting went well. Only a couple of people showed up, but they let me speak.

        As a result they are currently considering using Councillors Romano and Christian’s solution to restore the services they cut at the Dec. 5 Budget Meeting (not Fire Services or Daycare) AND Lower our Taxes in 2017! But pressure still needs to be applied to get them to change their minds.

        Click my NAME at the top of THIS MESSAGE to learn how to easily apply more pressure πŸ™‚

        Best Regards,
        Mark Andrew Brown
        [email protected]

  2. We already pay the highest property taxes in Ontario and that is right from our MPP.
    What is going on is we have people at City Hall who are incompetent. The taxpayers need to drain the swamp at City Hall and hire people who can fix this problem of continuous Tax increases every year.
    Taxpayers are already burdened with. High electricity costs and soon a Carbon tax. Taxpayers have had enough of the incompetence of elected officials who continuously vote for increases. Some of the two and three plus terms need to not run your are now part of the problem.

  3. So Mr Brown. “our taxes won’t go up as much in 2017, and we will have our Summer Students, and our Saturday Landfill and Hazardous Home Waste drop off, and our Summer Yard Leaf Waste Collection, and $820,000 Road Resurfacing, and our Seniors Programming and Furniture, and our Millennium Fountain, and everything else that they cut.” I like this way of thinking.
    Are you saying Council can keep our tax rate down to 3.43% and return our bussing, daycare, sidewalk plowing and our Proper and Safely staffed Fire Service as well? If Councillors Romano and Christian want to investigate this I say let get them on it. Let’s also find out why the Fire Dept budget went up a couple million and we have cut 25% of our firefighters. This council continues to nickel and dime us on the small stuff city wide but they are gradually destroying one of our essential services. From what I see, they have improved EMS to a certain degree (awesome), but the rest is just a bunch of new management positions making some pretty good money. Maybe they should start paying more attention to what our “Expert” is doing. I believe that the City Council actually think they are doing the right thing, but they only ask the questions that will give them the answers they want. In the end their poor decisions will cost us taxpayers a lot more, in insurance and restoration of proper services. If you want people to move to this city, quit chasing away the youth and start creating a city that has the services and attractions that will sustain our community.

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