Letter: Disgusted with council


Dear City Council,

I read with disgust this morning that after having cut early Sunday morning bus service (which people need to get to work) you’re going to be raising the bus fare so that those Sunday morning workers will have to pay more to get to work late.


Anyone who is sick and tired of this City Council cutting our services while charging us more fees and taxes sign this petition: https://www.change.org/p/mayor-provenzano-lower-our-taxes-and-restore-our-services-now

Signing it will send an email to ALL City Council Members telling them exactly how you feel.

Mark Andrew Brown
[email protected]


  1. Thanks SaultOnline.com,

    Click on my Name, Mark Andrew Brown, at the top of this Comment to quickly get to the petition and let City Council know how you feel (by filling out a comment). Signing the petition sends an email to ALL City Council members including the Mayor.

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