New Vice Chair named for ADSB

Algoma District School Board Vice Chair Sheryl Evans-Price (left) and Chair Jennifer Sarlo (right).

Algoma District School Board held their Inaugural Meeting on December 6th.  Jennifer Sarlo was acclaimed and will continue in her role as Chair of the Board while Sheryl Evans-Price will be Vice Chair having been nominated by Trustee Rankin and approved by the Board.

Chair Jennifer Sarlo

Jennifer Sarlo was first elected as a Trustee for the Algoma District School Board in 2006 serving Ward One, Sault Ste. Marie.  In 2009, Jennifer became Vice Chair of the Board and in December 2011, she was elected as Chair.   She has served as an alternate member of the Ontario Public School Board Association’s (OPSBA’s) Policy Committee.  In her years with the board, Jennifer has also taken an active role in the School Effectiveness Visits and has been on the New Schools Steering Committee.  She has been a member of the Finance and Operations Committee, the Discipline Committee and the External Audit Committee.

Prior to being elected to the Algoma District School Board, Jennifer was the Chair of ADSB’s School Council Coordinating Committee (SCCC) now known as the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC).  She was also the Chair of Grand View Public School’s School Council.  She has always been very supportive and involved in the elementary and high schools her children attended (Grand View, Korah and White Pines).   Jennifer is also an involved and respected member of her community and her church.

Jennifer addressed the board following her acclimation: “I am honored to continue to serve the Algoma District School Board as its Chair for my fifth year. Thank you Trustee Lidstone for your nomination and thank you to the trustees for their confidence and continued support. I am proud of our team of trustees who serve the needs of our board and students with dedication and passion. I look forward to working with Vice Chair Evans-Price.  I have appreciated working alongside Gladys for the past 3 years.

The past year has been challenging and rewarding. With a new mix in our dynamic leadership team, we will seek every opportunity from the classroom, to the budget discussions, to the board table to strive to best meet the diverse needs of every student in our system. With a new acting Superintendent of Elementary and 2 new system administrators joining the team, we are well poised to handle the restructuring of our administration portfolios to better meet the demands of our system.”

Vice Chair Sheryl Evans-Price

Sheryl Evans-Price was elected to represent Prince Township and Sault North Unorganized Townships for the December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2018 term. Sheryl has been an active volunteer within the school communities where she has resided. She sat on School Councils for a number of years and was the Chair of the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) for Aweres Public School. Sheryl was motivated to run for ADSB Trustee to make an impactful and relevant difference in public education for her own children and all young people in ADSB.

Sheryl has been working in Healthcare for 15 years and is currently working with a team at Extendicare Vandaele to implement Palliative Care initiatives and to promote excellence in palliation in the long-term care setting. She is also an active volunteer at the Sault Ste. Marie YMCA, sitting as Vice-Chair around the Board of Director’s table.

As an ADSB Trustee, Sheryl has participated fully sitting on the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC), and as alternate on the Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC). She is currently the North Eastern representative on the Policy Development Work Team at the Ontario Public School Board Association (OPSBA).

Sheryl thanked Trustee Brent Rankin for his nomination.  She explained that she put her name forward for Vice Chair as she hopes to gain further experience in being an effective leader and wanted to learn from the best – her colleagues around the Board table at ADSB. Sheryl thanked the Board for helping to “grow our leaders” not just within our schools but around the Board table as well.

OPSBA Committee Appointments

The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) requests that each board appoint a Director to OPSBA Board of Directors and a Voting Delegate to the Annual General Meeting of OPSBA. Boards are also requested to appoint alternates for these positions. These appointments are for one year terms.

At the Inaugural Meeting the Board confirmed the appointment of Trustee Graham Lidstone as Director to OPSBA Board of Directors and Voting Delegate for the Annual General Meeting of Ontario Public School Boards’ Association for 2015.

The Board confirmed the appointment of Trustee Susan Thayer as the Alternate for the Director to OPSBA Board of Directors and voting Delegate to Ontario Public School Boards’ Annual General Meeting for 2015.