No proposed smoking area for SAH


City councilor Matthew Shoemaker brought forth a motion to create a smoking area designated on public property.

Councilor Frank Fata felt that we keep pushing smokers farther and farther away from buildings.

Councilor Susan Myers was vehemently opposed to the idea.

The area currently used for smoking is private property behind and beside the hospital.

The motion was amended to consult with Sault Area Hospital but was defeated.


  1. Actually, all over the city the no-smoking bylaw is totally ignored.. Without a bylaw enforcement officer it never will be..At Rosedale and Forest heights parks where i go frequently it’s not unusual to see parents pushing their kids on a swing with a cigarette in their hand or mouth. People lean on the wall just outside the mall doors and smoke right beside the sign that says you can’t. This city needs to get off it’s collective ass and hire a half dozen bylaw enforcement officers to do the job. I’m sure the fines collected would more than pay for them…

  2. Actually Debbie. If you ever tried to pass by the renegade smoking area using the hub trail, some of these folks won’t even move out of your way. The place is a disgusting mess and they infringe on people’s private property. I am not totally opposed to a smoking area. Maybe someone should buy a piece of property on the edge of the SAH property and they can charge a “toll” to the non-area user. Suggest that one to your city council.

  3. That is just stupid cause the smokers are gonna do it anyway even the patients smoke right out front of the main doors and the emerge doors. And they can charge who they want but you can’t take blood from a stone bottom line.

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