Petition started to ask City Council to reduce its tax hike


A new petition has started asking City Council to reduce its propsed tax hike for 2017.

The petition can be found here and reads:

“We hurting citizens and taxpayers of Sault Ste. Marie are tired of getting fewer and fewer services while having to pay more and more property taxes.
The most recent and particularly bad example being the passing of the 2017 Budget with a massive 4.24% tax increase while cutting Saturday Landfill access, and cutting Yard Waste pickup during the summer, and reducing Summer Student employment, and eliminating $820,000 of Road Resurfacing, and reducing Seniors’ programming, and the elimination of our beautiful Boardwalk Millennium Fountain.

Fortunately there is a solution that City Council can employ using the Asset Management Fund (without taking money out of that fund) which will give us Saultites a smaller 3.43% 2017 Budget increase and have NO CUTS.
Yes, it’s true… Lower Taxes, and More Services
Please, City Council, pass the 3.43% No Cut 2017 Budget at the December 12, 2016 City Council Meeting”


  1. we should not pay any more taxs, we got to much bills to out, due to the mistake of Kathleen Wayne, and Justin Trudeau, they should lower our puc bill by 30% to50 % it is to high a lot of people can’t afford to pay, that why we got more homeless people more how than , the should be in jail, for their mistakes, every one else why not then, it is because they have more money which they lied from others people for the fund raising, half of it goes in their pockets, and 1/3 goes in their side kick pockets, to pay for their many homes and cars, and their bills, while we live on pay check to pay check, check in to theeir fund raising, it is a scam,

  2. Why do you need two councillors per ward again?
    What a sad situation, they are driving the city into the dumpster one cut at a time.
    People will be leaving in droves pretty soon as there will be nothing to stay for.

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