Puppy gets some TLC after being found near frozen


WINNIPEG – An organization that rescues dogs says the body heat of a five-week-old puppy found near frozen in a northern Manitoba community was so low it didn’t even register on a thermometer.

“I’ve never seen a puppy recover after being that cold,” said Jessica Hansen, executive director of Manitoba Underdogs Rescue.

“She was in really rough shape and it’s a miracle she’s alive.”

The pup, a husky-shepherd mix, has been named Demi and is being treated at the Winnipeg Animal Emergency Hospital.

Demi was found on Sunday by a resident of the northern community and surrendered to the rescue’s volunteers, who happened to be feeding and picking up stray animals in the area.

Underdogs Rescue’s policy is not to name communities where the group works.

Demi was rushed nearly three hours to Winnipeg for emergency veterinary care.

“I thought she was going to pass away in our arms on the drive to Winnipeg. She was nearly dead,” Hansen said.

“We snuggled her into the chest of one of our volunteers, wrapped her in heat packs and put some corn syrup on her gums to try and increase her energy levels. She was just so tiny and helpless.

“It broke our hearts.”

The tiny dog is in an incubator being monitored and kept warm, and has tested negative for the parvovirus.

“We hope her health problems will end there, but we honesty aren’t sure,” Hansen said.

The rescue group has brought in several other dogs in recent days and “there are more out there in need of homes.”

“We’d like to be able to bring more into care as temperatures drop and their situation gets even scarier, but that depends on our finances,” Hansen said.