Quebec and Ontario sign electricity deal


MONTREAL – Quebec and Ontario officially signed a $1-billion hydroelectricity deal on Thursday that the premiers of both provinces said was historic and the beginning of an increased energy partnership in Central Canada.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Quebec’s Philippe Couillard took part in the official signing ceremony for the deal, the details of which were announced in October.

Over a seven-year period, Ontario will be allowed to import up to two terawatt hours of electricity annually from Quebec — or enough energy to power a city of roughly 200,000 people.

“This is a historic deal, the first of its kind and the continuation of the resurgence of the influence of Central Canada,” Couillard said.

Ontario will save $70 million over the life of the deal versus previous energy cost forecasts, Wynne said, adding the province’s annual greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by about one million tonnes a year.

Current transmission lines between the two provinces can handle even more power, Wynne said.

“Our understanding is that there is still capacity and we will be as ambitious as we can and at some point there may need to be some infrastructure investment,” she said. “But there is still room to improve and expand the partnership.”

The new agreement will also allow Ontario to keep up to 500 gigawatt hours of power behind Quebec’s dams in what is called a “pump storage” system, which will permit the province to reduce its surplus generation.

Couillard said that certain terms of the deal haven’t been released because of ongoing negotiations with other potential hydro customers.

He said reports that Ontario will effectively be paying five cents a kilowatt hour for the electricity are inaccurate.


  1. I hate to be so blunt but I just can’t help it folks- this province and the hard working taxpayers and retirees on fixed income are getting the royal shaft. It’s so obvious but citizens are so accepting of it whereas they should be so mad and screaming from their roof tops. But sadly, in this province, the best wynne and her cronies can do is say, ” I’m sorry “. Seriously wynne.

    • Frank. I totally agree with you on this. People should be mad and screaming. This electricity crap is right out of hand. I’m glad you are all for people letting their gov’t know they aren’t happy.
      There are so many things our own council has done over the past 2 years that make zero sense.
      People in this city aren’t happy, but you and the rest of council aren’t listening.
      I plead to all citizens of Sault Ste Marie to take Frank’s advice and start screaming at them to hear you. Frank wants you to call. They all want you to call. Let them know it’s time to clean up their act.

  2. In quebec most people still have electric heat because their hydro is by far more reasonably priced. Our government care not one little bit about the welfare of normal citizens and our strugles. They want to enrich themselves and fill the pockets of their freinds who run the power grid and natural gas suppliers. There isnt anything they wont do to get the last penny from your pocket under the guise of saving the planet. And when ontario finally folds their offshore accounts will be brimming.

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