Sault Legends: Tom Coulterman


Tom Coulterman is this week’s Sault Legend. Tom has dedicated his life to the development of curling in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, the province of Ontario, in Canada, as well as internationally.

His commitment to the sport of curling is evident in the successes of his understudys.

Joe Rea, Tom Coulterman and Earle Morris were recognized in 2013 for their success with high-performance Canadian curling teams on the international stage. They were given the 2013 Petro-Canada Coaching Excellence Awards at the Coaching Association of Canada’s annual Sport Leadership sportif conference in Calgary.

“Tom is one of the most respected people in our sport,” says Jim Waite, a long-time coach in the Canadian Curling Association’s High-Performance program. “It is hard to say too much about him as a person and as a coach. Most of the Canadian Junior teams that Tom took to World Championships as Team Leader still stay in touch with him. He had such a profound influence on them as young adults and as curlers representing their country.”

More recently Tom blogged about Team Canada Sochi in 2014. “Being my first Olympic experience, it’s just fun being here with the boys in the Olympic Village and all the other parts of this Olympic Games. It’s just a great experience,” he wrote.

“It’s very, very gratifying; this has been a great experience for me, and I really want to thank the guys for bringing me to this point. I owe a lot to them for sticking with me. My plan was to stop coaching when my daughter, Tara, got out of high school. I’m another 20 years past when I really said to my wife, Mary, that I’m done coaching. This has been great.”

He has had the task of coaching numerous city, NOSSA and OFSSA champions.

In 1992, Tom coached the women’s bantam curling team to a silver medal standing at the Canadian Curling Championship.

Between 1996 and 2008, Tom was the national coach and team leader for the Canadian Junior Men’s Curling team at the World Junior Championship. In those years, Tom and his teams won an impressive 8 gold medal and 2 bronze

Tom says the highlight of his coaching career was, he would say it was coaching his daughter Tara to a silver medal at the Canadian Junior Women’s Curling Championship.