Should we have toll booths for trans-provincial travel


City councilor Paul Christian brought forward a motion that the city put toll boths at all entry points to Sault Ste. Marie for trans-provincial traffic.

Councilor Steve Butland said it would give a notion that the city is “closed for business.”

Councilor Marchy Bruni called it “ludicrous.”

Christian said he would investigate the matter and did allow an amendment to remove the idea of tolls.

The motion was to bring attention to the province that the city is paying the toll of restoration to the roads used by trans-provincial traffic.

The motion was amended and passed for staff to respond with more information as to the idea.


  1. Are you freaken kidding???? This council gets more ridiculous each day! Why don’t you shake your head and see if it rattles! You are killing our city!!!!! Thankful I didn’t vote for this mayor!

  2. Just more proof that this council doesn’t think before they act. Are you kidding me? Toll booths. The province would finally put in the four lane and it would bypass this city killing it. Use your heads. At least until we vote in a new council in 2 years. bye for now

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