StartUP Sault Partners With Launch Academy


Today StartUP Sault announced a partnership with Launch Academy, one of Canada’s leading tech incubators, to provide startup education to early-stage entrepreneurs in Sault Ste. Marie and area through an online course called LEAP online. Learn how to build a startup in just five weeks.

LEAP online is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and framework to build their startups in a scientific way. This methodology helps entrepreneurs avoid expensive mistakes and it teaches them how to design and conduct meaningful lean startup experiments.

“After mentoring 1,000 entrepreneurs and incubating more than 400 startups, we realized that most entrepreneurs make the same expensive mistakes.” said Alex Chuang Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Launch Academy. “And what we have discovered was a lot of these common mistakes can be easily prevented if entrepreneurs know how to design and conduct meaningful startup experiments. That is why we have condensed all of our learnings over the past four years into this online course so anyone can learn how to build a startup from anywhere.”

LEAP online is the online version of Launch Academy’s Lean Entrepreneur Acceleration Program (LEAP). In three years time, the program has successfully graduated more than 150 aspiring entrepreneurs in Vancouver and has consistently received a 4.9 star rating out of 5. The Next Big Thing Foundation, a charitable organization co-founded by Ryan Holmes (CEO of Hootsuite), also runs their cohort of young entrepreneurs through LEAP.

“Partnering with Launch Academy provides another resource for Sault Ste. Marie entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses the right way,” said Nevin Buconjic, Founder and Community Lead for StartUP Sault. “If you are at all familiar with the Lean Startup approach, you will understand the importance of launching quickly and testing your assumptions before wasting time and resources. LEAP online will teach you how to do this in an affordable and efficient manner.”

The online course covers a wider variety of topics including:

Introduction to Startups
The Fundamentals of Lean Methodology
Introduction to Lean Canvas
How to conduct a problem research
How to construct a predictive persona
How to design a startup experiment
How to conduct a startup experiment
How to launch your startup with limited resources
How to measure the right key metrics

Visit to learn more and to sign up for LEAP online.

“Many startup communities do not have the same resources as Silicon Valley.” said Alex Chuang. “Our hope is that LEAP online will empower entrepreneurs from anywhere to compete on the same playing field.”

StartUP Sault is also pleased to announce that they have negotiated a discount on the training for StartUP Sault members. Simply email us at [email protected] to request your discount code, saving $50.00 off the cost of LEAP online training.