Transport Canada issues recall notice for Ford F Series Super Duty Trucks

Ford Truck Recall

Transport Canada has issued the following recall notice for Ford F Series Super Duty Trucks:

Transport Canada Recall # 2016640

Recall Date: 2016/12/19
Notification Type: Safety Mfr
System: Structure
Manufacturer Recall Number: 16S45
Units Affected: 964
Category: Light Truck & Van

Certain vehicles may be missing a support bracket where the front fuel tank strap attaches to the frame. Through continued use, the lack of reinforcement could lead to the fuel tank strap separating from the frame. If this occurs, the fuel tank could move out of position, potentially contacting the ground and causing a fuel leak. A fuel leak, in the presence of an ignition source, could result in a fire causing property damage and/or personal injury.

Correction: Dealers will install reinforcement brackets as necessary.

Make/Model/Model Year(s) Affected:

  • 2017 FORD F250 SUPER DUTY
  • 2017 FORD F350 SUPER DUTY
  • 2017 FORD F450 SUPER DUTY


  1. No worries few will be buying Ford trucks any more especially ones like the above mentioned. They are made so cheaply nowadays that it’s near impossible to justify the crazy prices of them.

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