United Way races cockroaches for money


Earlier today at the cafeteria in the Great Lakes Forestry Centre, the tables were covered in scurrying roaches.

And all for a good cause.

The United Way was having cockroach races to raise money for their ongoing charitable efforts.

“Supporting the United Way and having fun doing it,” was what the event was about for Troy Contorzi. “What a better place for a bug race than the bug lab!”

The roaches, Madagascar hissing and peppered roaches to be exact, were let go down cardboard tracks while the trainer blew on them with a straw for encouragement.

“We would really like to acknowledge the support provided by Entomica, which included help planning the event and the donation of a few hours of the cockroaches’ time. All roaches have been safely returned to Entomica,” said Emily Hope, one of the event’s coordinators.

Dan McKenney with his trophy and winning roach Exterminator.
Dan McKenney with his trophy and winning roach Exterminator.

The winning roaches were ‘The Exterminator’ (a peppered cockroach) in 1st place, followed by ‘Cuka Racer’ in 2nd, and ‘Turbo’ in 3rd.

The event raised $500 for the United Way.


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