We Own It!


The cold couldn’t hold back these community members who showed up at Shabby Motley in The Sault’s downtown, and write to MPP David Orazietti about their hydro bills.

‘We Own It’ held an event called ‘Winter Warm Up’ where citizens could drop by Shabby Motley to donate food to those in need, and to write a letter to MPP David Orazietti asking his government to stop the sale of Hydro One. ‘We Own It’ is a group dedicated to fighting the harmful effects of privatizations—such as the privatization of hydro.

During the event, stories were heard from community members. One person mentioned that she had to wear double clothing so she can stay warm in her home.

20161216_105434_resizedAnother story was about a friend of a concerned citizen. She was telling us about her friend who runs a bakery out of her home. Every night she waits until after 7pm or on weekends to start her work on orders. People are thinking twice before they turn up their heat.

The event was an eye opener to some, but these issues have been going on for some time. Over the last couple of years people have seen their bills come in with huge increases. Hydro is a necessity that is apparently becoming a luxury for many.

One thing in common from everyone who showed up or sent in emails, they all agree that the current government should not be privatizing these services to businesses who’s goal is to profit.

The ‘We Own It’ campaign is still taking in letters. If you have your own concerns and would like to include them, you can send them in to [email protected]

In light of the announcement made today by MPP Orazietti on his resignation, letters, as part if the ‘We Own It’ campaign will be forwarded through his office, or other appropriate channels.