A weekend of robotics


Sault College and Algoma District School board once again played host to the VEX IQ elementary school robotics regional event, with 35 teams from 24 schools bringing their robotics creations in to the exciting event.  This year’s game “Crossover” required teams to manipulate and score unique 6-sided hex-balls and also maneuver their robots onto a balancing teeter-totter ramp.


The tournament winner, the “Excellence Award” recipient, was FH Clergue’s team “S.M.A.K.”, winning points in all 7 scoring categories and taking home the trophy for the best combined score for performance and all judging categories.  They also added the “Design Award”, for superior Engineering skills in their overall robot design.

ramp-bonusIn the very exciting Teamwork Matchplay round, where robots paired up to work together to score maximum points, the Playoff Finals came down to an exciting tie-breaker match, after the robot duo of the “Holy Family Flames” joined the rookie team “Missarenda” and were able to narrowly defeat the pair of rookie robots Superior Heights I.S.’s – “Team Witcher” and Blind River’s Public School’s “Vex Cubs” by only two points after a hard fought tie score in the Playoffs.

In single robot skills challenge matches, teams competed in Driver’s Skills challenges, as well Autonomous Programming challenges, combining to form the Robot Skills Award.  The top score for this challenge came from Notre Dame du Sault’s “NDS Robotics” who produced the best results in the two challenges.

skills-champsS.M.A.K, the Holy Family Flames, Missarenda, and NDS Robotics all earned a trip to the Provincial VEX IQ championships, to take place in Brampton on Feb.18th. Top teams from that event will advance to the VEX IQ World Championships in Kentucky in April.

Other Award winners for the event included:

  • R.M. Moore “Megabots”; CREATE Award, for the most innovative and creative design feature their robot creations.
  • R.M.Moore “Grapplers”; BUILD Award, for a strong and efficiently built robot.
  • Superior Heights I.S. “Team Witcher”; AMAZE award for overall strong scoring and driving ability.
  • Holy Family “Flames”; JUDGES Award for impressive all-round scoring and design elements.
  • St. Ann “Bulldog-botics”; JUDGES Award for impressive overall driving strategies, teamwork and gameplay strategy.
  • Hornepayne PS’s “Technobears”; ENERGY Award, as voted by their peers, for positive enthusiasm, energy and ability to excite the crowds.
  • Korah I.S.’s “Colts”; SPORTSMANSHIP Award as voted by their peers who appreciated their support, and assistance, and gracious interactions with the other teams.

excellence-and-design-winnersThe event and the local league was possible due to the incredible funding assistance from Tenaris Algoma Tubes, P.E.O. and O.A.C.E.T.T., combined with the support of A.D.S.B. and Sault College, which hosted their 10th consecutive elementary school robotics competition, as well as supporting the local High School VEX VRC program.

Information about how to get involved in participating, volunteering or adding your sponsorship support to this exciting program can be obtained by contacting the District Robotics coordinator and Event Director Jonathan Budau at [email protected] or at 705-945-7177.