Angus closer to leadership campaign


OTTAWA – Veteran Ontario New Democrat MP Charlie Angus said Sunday he has moved into the second phase of his possible campaign to lead his party.

Angus, who launched a new website, said he is trying to build a national team of volunteers and collect donations after spending weeks reaching out to family, colleagues, constituents and supporters.

“If we are going to do something, I want to do it right,” he said. “I want know we have something to offer — a progressive vision that can excite people and can bring people into the tent.”

The “unnerving” inauguration of President Donald Trump speaks to why it is necessary to build a national political movement in Canada that offers a positive reason to get involved, Angus said.

“Trump was a political shock to the world and to see the number of people marching and young women marching is really inspiring,” he said.

So far, the lengthy race to replace Tom Mulcair in October remains wide open.

B.C. MP Peter Julian is the only person to formally register with Elections Canada but he says he has yet to make a decision about the race.

Other possible contenders include Manitoba MP Niki Ashton and Ontario deputy NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.