Bon Soo Re-thinks the Polar Bear Swim


The Bon Soo Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the OLG Polar Bear Swim will return to its location at Bellevue Park, Sunday February 5 2017 — conditions permitting.

In recent years we have received a great deal of feedback that the location is inconvenient and inaccessible – that combined with the unpredictability of mother nature prompted the plan to move to a new location.

We are delighted that so many of you are so passionate about the location of the swim.

Due to the overwhelming response received at the Bon Soo office and through the Bon Soo website, we look forward to seeing a large number of supporters out there cheering on our brave polar bears.

As always, we thank our friends at Sault Search & Rescue for the incredible amount of work they do to prepare this site.

Think ice!  See you at Bellevue Park on Feb 5!  Jump in!



  1. Well, would ya look at that. Someone actually did the right thing! Clearly nobody bought Sonny Spina’s alternate facts about our annual polar bear swim, or his odd pivot to an asinine line of reasoning regarding New York dumpster diving during heatwaves that he gleefully fed to the media in his attempt to justify this embarrassing dumpster fiasco. Kudos to Sault Online for reporting on this as soon as they did, otherwise this could have slipped right by the masses until it was too late to do anything about it.

  2. The BON SOO committee just made a lot of folks happy. They are to be congratulated for the rethinking of this and for taking all of the comments to heart. Last one in the river is a chicken !!!!!!!!

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