Breaking Away – Not-for-Profit program closes a Provincial government gap


Ontario’s Ministry of Education allows developmentally disabled people to attend school up to age 21; after that their formal education stops. Continuous social and learning options unfortunately are limited to a few hours a week, stifling these individuals’ ability to grow.

Recognizing that a structured post education program was needed, Breaking Away was founded by parents to support their adult children with developmental disabilities, filling a gap created by the Provincial government.

Breaking Away provides a structured learning environment and a meaningful day, Monday to Friday, for students with disabilities. Breaking Away is a life skills program that focuses on promoting the physical, mental and social well-being of disabled people. Families are consulted and an individualized learning plan for each student is developed, meeting their learning needs. The objective is to provide support and encouragement through a program focused on individual development and integration into the community. Amanda Galbraith, Program Director says that “The name “Breaking Away” reflects the wish that these adults will have the opportunity to break away from other’s perceptions of their limitations, and the limitations imposed due to lack of opportunity to maximize their independence.”

Each day is different where students focus on life skills.  The daily life skill activities include: grocery shopping, money management, cooking, baking, cleaning, laundry, nutrition and personal hygiene. Yoga, Zumba, meditation, aquatics, bowling, crafts and gymnastics are just some of the activities that the students regularly participate in.  Participating actively in our community is also extremely important.  Students also regularly participate in community events.

“We are proud that 100+ Women Who Care SSM has chosen to support this group with their donations on January 24, 2017,” says Amanda Galbraith, Program Director. “The donations that will be raised on January 24 will make a significant impact on our ability to help these individuals and their families.”

100+ Women Who Care SSM brings 100+ women from the community together for about an hour, with each woman (or team of women) donating $100 to a specific group.  The group must be a small, local registered charity or not-for-profit, with a shoestring budget, and all funds must remain local. The objective is to help those less known groups in the community.

For more information on 100+ Women Who Care SSM, please visit and for more information on Breaking Away please go to This meeting  of 100+ Women Who Care SSM is the first event for 2017, to be held at the Mount St. Joseph gymnasium, parking can be accessed from the Alworth Place entrance.  Registration is at 5:30 pm and the meeting commences at 6:00 pm for one hour. All women interested in making a positive impact in their community are welcome to join us. Think locally, help those within your own community!