Convergent Energy & Power putting station in the Sault

Location of the energy storage facility. Photo courtesy of Shaw Cable.

A 7-megawatt lithium-ion power storage station as discussed at council last year, is coming to the Sault (location pictured).

Convergent Energy & Power was approved by the province to get the Sault’s contract on Trunk Road.

This is said to be the best storage facility for energy and disbursance over the battery and flywheel storage units.

The system is being supplied by General Electric.

This has 20-year lifespan.

This station is already underway and should be done by the end of winter.

The contract though, is only for 3 years with Convergent.

When the facility is operational the fire department will be brought in to be made aware of how to deal with any possible fire suppression needs.

This unit will stop the shift of energy away from the city but may it show a benefit to your bills at home, that is up to the province.

As discussed at council green energy production in the Sault is 60-megawatts per day.

So more than 50-megawatts of possible green energy is still being distributed to other communities.