East End Homeowner Alerted by Smoke Alarm


During the early morning hours of January 25th, Fire Services received a 911 call to the 100 block of Royal York Blvd due to smoke in the basement.

Upon Fire Crew’s arrival, the owners were in the driveway and stated there was no fire, but smoke was present in the basement. Crews determined that a fluorescent light fixture had malfunctioned, overheated and caused the plastic light cover to melt, creating the smoke. The owners were alerted by their smoke alarm and evacuated the home with their pets.

Fire crews ventilated the home and ensured the fire did not extend into the ceiling space and also checked the remaining smoke and C.O. alarms, to ensure they were in working order.
“This is a another case of a working smoke alarm making a difference”, stated Fire Prevention Officer Rocco Celetti. “ The outcome of this fire may have been different without a working smoke alarm”

The fire is being investigated by a SSM Fire Prevention Officer this morning and is not considered suspicious.

SSM Fire Service reminds the public that working smoke alarms make a difference. They are required on all levels and should be tested monthly to ensure their function.