Fire Marshall’s office not in the Sault because of threat, but why?


The Ontario Fire Marshal and Emergency Management’s office has been in the Sault to conduct a review of fire services and as mayor Christian Provenzano clarified, not because of a potential threat to the community. As to why they were here, the CAO Al Horseman, does not know why.

Interviews were done with two of the members of the Fire Fighters Association and two members of the Sault Ste. Marie Fire Department management.

Documents were requested before and during its time in the Sault.

A report as to what was discussed is not clear except for the fact that Provenzano asked if there was a threat to the city. It was said there was not a threat.

22 officials from the OFMEMs office to review the Sault’s fire services.

The Ministry of Labour’s order for a review only came around 70 days before these officials arrived.

City councilor Ross Romano asked if it would be possible to “hit the pause button” on fire department restructuring. There was no following comment.


  1. The City will have to contract one of their own plows to shovel the crap that was dished out by the CAO. Interestingly, the chief was never allowed to speak…probably a good move given his consistent nauseating spin on reality and the facts about this subject. The only reasons, according to the meeting last night that the OFM comes into a community is firstly they are asked, or secondly as a result of a threat to public safety, so it would appear there must be a threat to public safety. The threat may not be imminent, however lets not lose site of the fact that service levels have been drastically reduced, which would mean an obvious threat to public safety, and a equal or greater threat to firefighter safety. The stench of this issue has spread to the provincial level, which should raise the sleeping public’s interest.

  2. Does anyone else think it was odd that at 3 hour and 49 minute mark of the council meeting (as it ended) the mayor pops out of his seat and runs over to councilors Romano’s seat and goes through his papers and cell phone while he was absent????
    Looks like Shoemaker prompted him too!?

      • Just looked at it. That was invasive as hell. Not such a smart move for a lawyer, (either Provenzano or Shoemaker), after all this is the 21st century, where everything is recorded in one form or another.I think Romano should be given a heads up

  3. This morning, I spent time watching last nights council meeting online, regarding the visit from the Fire Marshal, and the part where the Mayor conveys that the OFM ensured that they were not here because of a public threat. Good to hear.
    As an employer did the Mayor happen to ask if there was any concern of a threat or dangers to the firefighters themselves? Is that a part of the meeting the Mayor won’t reveal? just curious. It is also very obvious that this council continues to hang their hats on the word of one person, and even with all the information brought forward to them from the Fire Association, and having the MOL and OFM checking on them, there is no chance that they will ever hit the pause button. If these are not enough concerns for them, I really question if they have, other than monetary, the best interests of the residents of SSM and their fire employees in mind. Have a great day, be safe

  4. Our community is in its new era of city council incompetence and irresponsible practices. The decisions being made are that of personal opinion and bias instead of best practice and what would benefit our city. We shall wait and see when the risk assessment is done in 2018. The fire marshall’s office won’t address the manpower and community risk.

  5. How can any agency come to Sault Ste Marie, go through all of the procedures of one of our local city run services, and the CAO doesn’t know why? Maybe this is another position we no longer need in the Sault. I mean Really?

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