Letter: Facts Still Matter in Ontario

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New Year, New You right?

Unfortunately not the case for Patrick Brown who was again caught making false statements, this time in 2017 during a stop in Sault Ste Marie. Facts matter in Ontario and Brown needs to be honest when he speaks to Ontarians.

He said: “Cap & Trade is a 2 billion dollar revenue grab for the Wynne government.”

Fact: Wrong. Every dollar collected will be reinvested, allowing us to support up to $8.3 billion in green projects that fight climate change like transit, electric vehicle incentives and housing retrofits.

The reality is with the federal government deciding to put a national price on carbon, every province needs to come up with a plan to fight climate change. Within that framework, Ontario is moving forward with our Climate Change Action Plan, which includes putting a cap on the amount of emissions businesses can release into the atmosphere. We’re taking this approach because it guarantees GHG reductions at the cheapest price possible for families and businesses, unlike Patrick Brown’s carbon tax scheme which would cost four times more without guaranteeing any reductions.

Third-party experts EnviroEconomics have confirmed this, showing Brown’s scheme could cost households up to $50 more per month, as opposed to $13 under the Liberal plan, just to get the same carbon reductions.

Third-party experts EnviroEconomics have confirmed this, showing Brown’s scheme could cost households up to $50 more per month, as opposed to $13 under the Liberal plan, just to get the same carbon reductions.

Frankly, it’s a little surprising to hear the Conservatives come out against a plan that will reduce greenhouse gas pollution at the lowest cost for families and businesses. Our plan does this – Patrick Brown’s scheme doesn’t come close.

He said: “Right now we have the highest hydro rates in North America.”

Fact: Not true. According to the independent Financial Accountability Officer, Ontario sits in the middle of the pack in terms of energy costs among Canadian provinces. Thanks to our early leadership, Ontarians won’t see the cost increases coal-dependent provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan will. (Source: http://www.fao-on.org/en/Blog/Publications/home_energy)

Even worse, the U.S. states Patrick Brown regularly references as examples of sound energy planning are in reality lagging behind. He should know that in 2015, Ontario’s average industrial electricity prices were 8.35 c/kwh in the South and 6.35 c/kwh in the North. These rates are lower than New York 8.72 c/kwh, Pennsylvania 9.59 c/kwh, Michigan 9.13 c/kwh, and the U.S. industrial average 8.71 c/kwh. What’s important about these comparisons is that even though these jurisdictions continue to rely heavily on dirty fossil fuels, our electricity rates are still cheaper. The good news is that Ontario is in this position even after doing the heavy lifting in terms of rebuilding aging infrastructure and transitioning off of coal. (Source: http://www.hydroquebec.com/publications/en/docs/comparaison-electricity-prices/comp_2016_en.pdf, Ontario Ministry of Energy, IESO)

He said: “The Wynne Liberal government continues to sign renewable energy contracts that Ontario does not need.”

Fact: As announced in September 2016, Ontario suspended the second round of the Large Renewable Procurement process, saving up to $3.8 B in costs. He can read more about that and other actions we’re taking to reduce energy costs here: https://news.ontario.ca/mei/en/2016/09/actions-to-reduce-energy-costs.html

He said: “Why we are purchasing power to give it away, is beyond me. We generate more than we need, and we have a giant surplus.”

Fact: The last time the provincial Conservatives were in power, they spent $900 million importing electricity over two years just to keep the lights on. When we came into office, we inherited their dirty, unreliable electricity system and cleaned it up. Now, thanks to those necessary investments, Ontario families and businesses know the lights will go on and stay on when they need them to. Given our position of strength in terms, Ontario is a net exporter now, benefitting ratepayers to the tune of $230 million last year (as estimated by the Independent Electricity System Operator).

Considering the net benefit to Ontario ratepayers, it’s curious as to why Patrick Brown continues to rail against this practice. Even his Conservative colleagues know better.
When the Member for Simcoe-Grey was Energy Minister in 2001, he called these exports “pure profit.” He even went further, noting that “if we can make money on surplus power in the United States, we’re damn well going to do that.”

– Ruth Gebremedhin


  1. I never said anything about extinction

    I’d like to believe that the money will go towards making Ontario green. Really do

    But the revenue is going to go towards general revenues I believe. What does that tell you
    It tells me a lot

    If you read Mathews gospel
    It is man’s destiny that man will further destroy the climate(more floods, earthquakes much more severe, more famines, more wars etc)
    It does not matter what tax you pick
    I already know the outcome
    Not good
    Both parties are useless

    • Hi Anonymous

      If, “It does not matter what tax you pick”, then I guess you pick the least expensive one. The Liberal one.

      HEADLINE: Premier Anonymous institutes $13 per month Carbon Tax.

      Anyone else have a better Carbon Tax that you would institute as Premiere? And don’t say you wouldn’t have one. If you’re a Premier you have to implement a Carbon Tax. It’s the law.

      Patrick Brown, if he were ever to become Premier, would pick a $50 per month carbon tax as opposed to the current $13 a month one.

      Any other Premiers out there want to give it a go?

  2. Andy
    I do know what’s going to happen
    If you believe in God, then it’s predicted in the bible. Gospel of Mathew. The world is headed towards catastrophe.
    It’s mans nature!

    • Hi Anonymous

      I do believe in God.

      But now you’re saying that even if the US and China and every single person in the entire world attempts to do something positive for their kids, grandkids, and grandkids kids, … that the Gospel of Matthew says that humans are a species in the natural world, and species do become extinct in our world.

      Good point Premier Anonymous, but you’re forgetting the main thrust of the Bible which is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

      Time to choose a Carbon Tax Premier Anonymous. Which do you choose? You have to pick one. It’s the law. Do you pick the $13 Liberal one, or the $50 Conservative one?

      Let me know.

  3. To Andy

    I respect your point of view.
    Logically it makes no sense for the carbon tax the US and China
    don’t implement one.

    Logically speaking a lot of the jobs will go south.
    It stands to reason.
    Your small contribution will be insignificant.
    Until the big players come on board it’s pointless
    I’m speaking logically not emotionally.

    • To Anonymous

      I do not respect that you only honour your commitments that benefit you, and you do not honour your commitments that benefit others (your grandchildren’s children in this case). You are not an honourable person, Anonymous, therefore the views you promote, like supporting Conservative Patrick Brown, are not honourable. Logically speaking of course.

      BTW, China did sign on to the Paris Accord to reduce it’s carbon emissions in the form of ‘Enhanced Actions on Climate Change’, so I guess ‘Toronto is turning off the lights too’ as you put it Anonymous.

      http://www4.unfccc.int/ndcregistry/PublishedDocuments/China%20First/China%27s%20First%20NDC%20Submission.pdf (see page 18)

      Which Carbon Tax do you choose Premier Anonymous? You have to pick one. It’s the law. The $13 Liberal one, or the $50 Conservative one?

  4. To Andy

    Wrong on your position of me caring for the dollar

    Andy all the big players have to be on board
    If the US or China are not on board it makes no sense
    Think about it
    It’s like you shutting the lights off in your house while dowtown Toronto is lit up!!!
    How do you save in power!
    Same goes for carbon tax

    • I’m so glad to hear that you care about honouring your commitments and about the planet that your grandchildren’s children inherit. And that would typically be enough said because we Canadians, yes each and every one of us Anonymous, have made a commitment to decrease our carbon emissions.

      But for you to say that we must have a perfect Agreement by requiring the US and China to be a part of the Accord, Anonymous, before we should do anything about reducing any of our carbon emissions is a prescription for disaster.

      How is wasting electricity in your own house by keeping the lights on all the time better for you, or for your family for that matter? Regardless of what Toronto does?

      Do you really believe we should do nothing until everybody signs on Anonymous?

  5. FACT: Canada signed an Accord to join with the rest of the world to ensure the sustainability of our planet for our children, and our grandchildren, and our grandchildren’s children, and…

    FACT: People like Josh, David and Anonymous don’t seem to care about honouring commitments, or the planet their descendants will inherit. All they care about is the almighty dollar.

    OPINION: Don’t do any deals with seemingly dishonourable people like Josh, David, and Anonymous, and definitely do not let them represent you if you care about people.

    FACT: The law says that a Carbon Tax has to be implemented in every Province in Canada.

    QUESTION: If you were the Premier of Ontario what Carbon Tax would you put into force (it’s the law)? A $50 month Conservative one, or a $13 a month Liberal one? A Carbon Tax is the law so you have to pick one. Which do you pick Premier?

  6. FACT: If Canada were to stop all carbon emissions including having every Canadian stop breathing, the net effect would be a reduction of the world’s CO2 emissions of 100,000th of 1%!

    FACT: Companies that pollute at least 25,000 tonnes per year will have to have a number of allowances equal to their emissions. The allowances will be available for purchase at quarterly auctions starting in March 2017. Participating businesses can also buy and sell credits to each other on a secondary market. Ontario’s cap-and-trade system is expected to be linked to Quebec and California’s in 2018, which will open a larger market for the buying and trading of emission credits. Hence the money will go to those two, not Ontario.

    FACT: The carbon tax will increase the cost of everything you purchase, from fuel to groceries to everyday household items you require. It is expected that by 2020 it will cost every household approximately $2500/yr

    FACT: The carbon tax is nothing more than a money grab and out right thievery from the Canadian people to help

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