LSSU President issues statement on Trump’s Executive Order


Lake Superior State University, a public institution of higher education, is an inclusive community of learners and scholars.  Additionally, LSSU is situated on an international border and in an international community.  We add our voice and support to our fellow higher education institutions calling for a reconsideration of the US administration’s (in Washington D.C.) new executive order prohibiting the entry/return of individuals from certain countries.

These actions impact our community of students, faculty, and staff.  We understand the importance of protecting our country and keeping Americans and Michiganders safe.  However, we cannot let fear cause us to abandon our core values.  Simultaneously, US leaders should ensure that our country’s policies do not keep out those who have academic reasons for travel, including international students, faculty and staff, who contribute to our diversity, and who are part of our institution and greater community.

LSSU does have international students and international faculty/staff.  We want LSSU to continue to be a welcoming, diverse and inclusive community.  Here is an official statement that I recently signed along with more than 600 presidential colleagues in support of a related issue, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created in 2012 –

We ask that our national and state leaders pursue an approach that does not harm or hinder the mission and purpose of public higher education, our diversity, our learning environment, and the core principles of our country’s democracy. We are monitoring this situation closely and are communicating with our campus stakeholders.

Members of the campus community seeking additional information on these issues are encouraged to contact LSSU Human Resources (faculty and staff) or the LSSU Registrar’s Office (students).

Thomas C. Pleger, President
Laker Superior State University


  1. As a UNIVERSITY, one would think that the admins would look into the actual policy and not try to gaslight. Lots of information available on YouTube.. show some initiative and save your virtue signaling, seems there are more people educated on this “temporary halt of travel visas” than you people are. How about do some Googling first…Just a thought.

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