Male charged with second degree murder has long list of dangerous crimes


The man charged with the first homicide in Sault Ste. Marie for 2017 is well known by city police and the courts.

Cody Quesnel 24, has been charged with second degree murder on January 14th by Sault Ste. Marie Police Services in the death of Jacob (Jake) Davey, who was celebrating his birthday the day he was allegedly murdered.

Jake Davey (Facebook)
Jake Davey (Facebook)

Quesnel has been arrested and charged numerous times over the last several years ranging from assault to threatening death. According to police reports, Quesnel was charged with threatening in August 2015 when he threatened to stab another male. The accused has been in and out of the Algoma Remand Centre where he was charged with threatening death in June of 2015.  In May of 2016, Quesnel was arrested for assault, forcible confinement X 2, threatening death X 2, assault with a weapon X 2, using a weapon while committing an offence, weapons dangerous and being in possession of a weapon dangerous and possession of a weapon while being prohibited from doing so.

The victim, Jacob (Jake) Davey 22, was an employee at a local furniture store. It is believed both he and the accused knew each other.

Officers responded to a call for service just after 6:00 a.m. on January 14th, 2017. Shortly after they arrived, the victim was pronounced dead. The victim had obvious injuries to the face and the investigation surrounding the cause of death, and the type of weapon used is continuing.

Quesnel was arrested at the scene without incident and police state there is no concern for public safety. The area on Wellington Street West will remain closed until the investigation concludes.

The following is a press release from Sault Police Service issued at 1pm Monday.

Cody Quesnel (Facebook)
Cody Quesnel (Facebook)

Just after 6:00 a.m. on the 14th of January 2017 officers with the Patrol Services Division of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service responded to a call for service at 112 Wellington Street West.

Upon arrival officers located a male victim, later identified as 22 year old Jacob DAVEY of Sault Ste. Marie. The victim had obvious injuries and was pronounced dead soon after officers arrival.

Officers also located the accused 24 year old Cody QUESNEL of 112 Wellington Street West at the scene and he was placed in custody at that time.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division were called in to assist with the investigation and the 100 block of Wellington Street West was closed to traffic in order to allow officers to safely process the crime scene.

The 100 block of Wellington Street West remains closed at this time and will remain closed for the next few days while officers continue the investigation.

It has been determined that the accused and the victim are known to each other. There is no threat to public safety as this is not considered to be a random attack.

It is alleged that there was an altercation that led to the victim’s death; however the cause of death is not known at this time. A post mortem is scheduled to be conducted this week to determine the cause of death.

It is also alleged that after the homicide, the accused broke into the residence of a person known to him and assaulted that person by striking him with a garbage can before returning to the scene at 112 Wellington Street West.

At this time the accused, Cody QUESNEL is charged with one count of second degree murder, one count of break and enter and one count of assault with a weapon.

Officers with the Criminal Investigations Division are continuing this investigation. Anyone having information about this crime is asked to contact the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service any time of day.


  1. despite what he did cody has good intentions in life and he did want good i remember talking to him and doing good with him him always encouraging others to do good he would give u the shirt off his back you deserved it no one deserves to say anything about cody if it isnt your family or you personally who got affected by this im not defnding his actions but not everyone always intends to do bad and some people wanna do good and have never found a new way out or got out of the life style and freinds theyve had some never learned proper ways of life never got raised properly you dont know their story so dont judge his lifestyle if you havent lived what he has because me myself have done things i wish i didnt and dont undertand why i had done and now i do one person trying to help him couldve done alot then a bunch of people talking behind is back

  2. It’s our justice system that needs to be put on trial here. I’m tired of seeing plea deals done on criminals and judges that let them back out on the streets to do even more crime. It’s time to start taking judges out of there jobs and put judges in that will do the right thing. I remember back in 1959 the last hanging in Canada for murder, they should bring back the death penalty back then you never seen half of the murders you see now, because they know they will hang for there murder, not walk on the streets in 5yrs. This guy will only get 5yrs or less for taking a life, so where is the justice here? There is none. Shame on prosecutors and judges for there incompetent behavior. They need to go to jail for there crime

    • Ya like that s working real well for the states that still have the death penelty give your head a shake geuss your I titled to your opion tho

  3. If the local court can’t get the punishment right, send him somewhere that will.
    We don’t want this individual roaming the streets of ssm within the next 25 years.

  4. K…. is it JUST me or should someone be looking at the DAMN system…. A list of crimes that lead right into this and yet people like this are allowed to be out walking around…? WTF ? A life lost, a community made lesser by it’s very citizens… and yet it seems to continue.

    • I agree Tom , on one of his old charges was against my son , he got a slap on the wrist , they forgot to send the gun out to get tested . it is unreal how the system works , (it doesn’t ) now a young 24 year old is gone , may he rest in peace .. my heart cries for his family

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