Mature Students Could Qualify for Free Tuition with New OSAP


Ontario is transforming student assistance to make college and university more affordable, including free tuition for qualifying adult learners, so that they can go back to school and upgrade their skills.

Deb Matthews, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, joined by Education Minister Mitzie Hunter and Beaches-East York MPP Arthur Potts, met with students and community members at the City Adult Learning Centre in Toronto today, to talk about how 150,000 people in Ontario will be eligible to receive free tuition as a result of the improvements the provincial government is making to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

The new OSAP will make average tuition free for students, including mature students and adult learners, whose family income is less than $50,000 per year. Students with children may be eligible to receive OSAP funding for child care costs, and students from higher-income families will also benefit from more generous grants and loans.

Ontario has also launched a new online calculator at to allow students to find out instantly whether they qualify for free tuition or other grants from the province. For example, if you are a single parent, have three children and earn $60,000 a year, the new OSAP calculator will tell you that you are eligible for more than $16,000 of non-repayable aid, making average university tuition free with money left over for books and fees.

Expanding access to college and university is part of the government’s plan to create jobs, grow the economy and help people in their everyday lives.


  1. Why can free education work in other countries, but not Canada? Just do it already! We pump up these young children with dreams of college and university, and then if they don’t do perfectly, they have a huge loan they can’t pay back!

    I am an example of this. I failed a class when I was 18 and in Fine Arts, then did great in general arts and science. I then started a program, did great in my first year, but I ended up needing to take a year off because of stress. This was fine with my professors!!!!! I was to come back the next year and start my second year over again. But! Osap decided I wasn’t to recieve anymore funding for 2 years as punishment for failing a class at 18, and then not completing more than 60 percent of my coursload! So, I had no funding after I took that year off to become more able to focus. You don’t have the option to work with your teachers because whether you can get a loan or not dictates your life.

    If tuition were even just affordable enough to work for a few years, even 5 years, and be able to save up for it, we wouldn’t need loans! And, we would be working for it! Not becoming lazy as some have proposed.

    If it were free, I would pay more taxes to be able to go back to school. Because as it stands, I now dont qualify to recieve any further assistance because I’ve been on repayment assistance for too long. which means, I won’t benefit from tuition grants. So I have a huge loan, and I’ll never pay it back at this rate. How is that better for the economy? People make mistakes. And you can think all you want that those mistakes were my own doing, but honestly, education has become a trap.

  2. This may or may not be a good plan, but one thing is certain, at least to me. This liberal, “money’s no object” plan is first and foremost a “vote getter”. Plain and simple. And what about this cash that this liberal government is doling out for free education and now, a basic income for staying home. Where is this cash ?? Taxpayers are taxed to death and the cupboard is bare. There is no cash because this province is broke. Seriously !!! Balance the budget ??? I don’t think this happens anytime in our future folks. Maybe 2050, like the federal liberals plan. Seriously !!! Our children and grand children will thank all of you liberals. NOT !!!
    But, guess what, there are enough voters out there who can’t see the forest for the trees who will fall for this. Sometimes I even think that there’s those out there who think wynne and trudeau can walk on water.
    Good luck to all of us taxpayers in this financially strapped and yes, screwed up province.

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