McDonald’s Canada issues nut warning


TORONTO – McDonald’s Canada has started serving its first product containing peanuts or tree nuts that do not come in an individual package, causing concerns for customers with severe nut allergies.

McDonald’s says in a statement on its website that its new Skor McFlurry contains choppped almonds in the pieces of chocolate bar used to make the treat.

The company says this means all of its other products may contain or come in contact with peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens.

McDonald’s previously only served individually packaged peanuts and tree nuts.

Some people took to Twitter to criticize the company for the move, saying people with severe allergies to such nuts would no longer be able to eat at the restaurants.

McDonald’s said it wanted to make customers with such allergies aware of the change so they can make an informed decision about whether its Canadian restaurants are still suitable environments for them.


  1. new studies are showing, and the United States has already changed it’s guidelines to suit that deliberate exclusion or delayed introduction of specific allergenic foods may increase the risk of allergy. The allergies suffered by the recent generations of bubble wrap kids were created by incompetents and susceptible parents. How many years has the peanut covered donuts been banned a shops?

  2. Very disappointed In McDonald’s Canada,s decision to go with unpacked nuts in there restaurants opening up the possibility of cross food contamination. This decision will mean that thousands of Canadian families and friends will have to eat else where . Also with the Ontario governments recent policy to have schoolchildren with allergies treated as a handicap , schools will be forced to accommodate children with allergies when on school trips likely resulting in not being allowed to stop at McDonald’s as all food purchased there could be contaminated and would pose a threat to the children with allergies.

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