NDP Leader believes Ontario hydro needs “a complete overhaul”


After meeting with a local woman today about her frustrations with high hydro bills, NDP leader Andrea Horwath was quite candid with her thoughts on Ontario’s hydro issues.

“There’s no doubt that there needs to be a complete overhaul, Horwath said in a phone interview.

She takes much issue with the growing privatization of Ontario’s hydro.

The Liberal government has been selling off Hydro One and dumping hydro to Americans at Ontario’s cost.

“Ontarians are paying to light up the Manhattan Skyline,” she said. “That shouldn’t be allowed to happen.”

As a matter of fact Michigan and New York State in 2015 alone, bought more than 22.6 billion kilowatt hours of electricity – enough to power 2.5 million homes – at a price of 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour – generating a loss of more than $1.7 billion for Ontario hydro customers.

Horwath continued to cite Manitoba Hydro and Hydro Quebec, both 100 per cent crown owned, as models for a better hydro system.

In Ontario in 2015, the average HOEP was 2.36 cents per kilowatt hour, while the IESO paid wind producers as much as 13 cents per kilowatt hour. The remaining 11-cent difference was then passed on to the consumer.

“It’s pitting producer against producer. Farmer against farmer,” Horwath says.

Solar producers, many of which signed contracts with the government for as long as 20 or 30 years, were paid as much as 80 cents per kilowatt hour for the energy they produced, despite the fact that fair market value for this energy was the same 2.36 cents per kilowatt hour. Here, too, the 78-cent difference was passed on to consumers.

So while Ontario customers are required to pay for producing green electricity, utility providers in the United States are able to access this same energy source for a fraction of the cost.

When it was commented that Ontario seems to now be a have-not province, Horwath agreed when it comes to hydro.


  1. To me it looks like what happened in the US is about to happen here. There is going to be a change in power here in Ontario and in Canada itself with a brand new leader from outside the known government that will come in n take over the country to to try and put things back together after the present three parties have skewed it up so bad that it’s going to take a very long time to straighten it out. I hope it happens sooner than later before it gets to far gone. We NEED WYNNE OUT A.S.A.P. She is just too arrogant to think she’s doing the right thing in her own head, clearly has no idea what she’s doing unless she’s got her fingers in the cookie jar , she just might be setting herself up for her future at our expense

  2. It’s time to do a complete OVERHAUL of the ######## we have in the POLITICAL SYSTEM!!!

    All we ever have to pick from are HACKS!!!

    And, HOW STUPUD DO YOU HAVE TO BE to have voted LIBERAL?!!!

    S t u p i d!!!

    The Liberal Party has to be wiped off the face of the map in the next election! They need to be taught a lesson!

    And, who ever gets in better read it as a wake up call!!


  3. Andrea Horwath had the opportunity TWICE to side with the PCs and kick the Dalton Gang out of power. Instead she made a deal with the Devil….first with McGuinty, then the next year with Wynne. Now, all of a sudden, she “cares” about the plight of Ontarians. She can shut up. She’s equally complicit in the mess the province is in.

  4. The only way out of this mess of massive debt and the contract obligations to the Green Energy Act is for the province to file for bankruptcy. The bonus would be the demise of the Liberal Party.

  5. The thing that really sticks it to Ontarians, is the fact that your Government subsidised Private producers to compete against your publicly owned Electrical System. And shut them out of the bidding process on all of the Green energy and Gas plant generation. Forcing the decommissioning of assets that could have been converted to natural Gas. Also the shut down of 2 clean burning coal units at Lambton.

  6. You need to return Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation back into one identity again. That was the start of the biggest utility scam in the world. Generation always covered delivery and everything was not a problem….until Harris split it apart and gave the lawyers and the bankers a license to steal from two companies still owned by the people of Ontario. Appeal the Green Energy Act and bring and end to subsidies for wind and solar, put an end to carbon tax, …..you need to put an end to a lot of things the Liberals and Conservatives have done. YOU NEED TO MANAGE ONTARIO and QUIT SPENDING money on things the province isn’t ready for. And most importantly…….if you’re elected……steer clear of the corrupt Prime Minister we have.

  7. Political promises must become legally binding contracts between politicians and the voting public. Failure to comply would result in immediate recall of the government with “second past the post” party taking its place. To continue the present system of elections is an abject failure in our present “democracy”.

  8. She had her chance to screw the Liberals over the budget and she blew it. She acted like she was suprised that Wynne lied to her. I think we need political party leaders with integrity if that is possible.

  9. https://www.facebook.com/notes/energy-poverty-matters/the-real-cost-of-energy-poverty/247583995673284
    When Dalton McGuinty, and our current Premier, Kathleen Wynne bought into the “Green Energy” phenomenon, they saw shiny dollars and legendary notoriety.
    What they did not see was the direct correlation between their hasty jump into the green energy pool and the damage to pocketbooks of families across the province.
    Food banks in Canada became organized under one banner in 1987, while they looked to address the long term problem of eradicating hunger. Crippling electricity costs have put a heavier burden on Food Banks across the province, becoming the new ‘grocery store’ for over 360,000 families EACH MONTH, grappling with energy poverty.
    The increase in people turning to food banks is no mystery, in fact it would hardly qualify as a Jeopardy question. Making the choice between paying the Hydro bill or eating has become the norm.
    Kathleen Wynne often cites the advantages of green energy over ‘dirty’ coal from the floor of the legislature. Her favourite example is the correlation in terms of saving money through health care costs, using asthma as an example. The Premier claims there has been a 4 billion dollar savings in health care, however, as in typical Liberal fashion offers no tangible documented data, to back her assertions.
    As growing numbers of people take up the rally cry for various hydro related reasons, there may be one that is worth considering that has not been suggested.
    In the UK they have created a position of “Energy Poverty Monitor” The EPM tracks unnecessary deaths that can be directly linked to fuel/energy poverty.
    Based on the April 2015 report, fuel poverty campaigners estimate the number of excess winter deaths surged last winter to 49,260, of which around 14,780 were due to people living in cold homes.
    The Energy Bill Revolution estimates that the average number of excess winter deaths over the previous five years was 27,830, so last winter saw an increase of 77 per cent above the five year average.
    So in circling back to Wynne’s $4 billion claim, it would make Wynne’s claim to saving money through health care costs more ‘honest’ if we were able to take the UK model one step further, and insist the government track ALL energy poverty related hospital admissions, deaths, visits to doctor’s and urgent care clinics. Further consideration could be given to mental health services, the burden on social services, community safety nets, food banks and the number of Ontarians who are not able to sustain a healthy diet. Only then would you get a more clear picture of the effects of clean energy as it relates to health care costs and the incredible strain being placed on social outreach programs.
    Energy poverty is much more than spending 10% or more of your income on heat & hydro. At the very core it is seen in the struggles of families having to choose between affording electricity or eating.
    The government’s bandaid response to the rising crisis are subsidies that are not nearly adequate and offer little respite to a select few, ignoring the financial burden being placed on ALL ratepayers. Moreover the cost of subsidies are paid by rate payers, because heaven forbid we should expect our government to pay the Hydro One CEO a wage that is reasonable and in line with other energy company CEO’s.
    Any suggestion to ask for responsible, thorough, in-depth cost assessments that impact our lives and our ability to live them are met with the same stock answers and smoke and mirror excuses. ‘Political speak’.
    Is it unreasonable that the people of Ontario expect the government to look after their best interests and not put them in harms way, to stick to their promises of a transparent government and remember they are accountable to the people that elected them?
    The only way the current government will understand the horrible life altering mistakes made in the name of ‘clean energy’, is when they lose their party status in 2018.

  10. There are issues with each of the big 3 leaders.
    When all 3 are in bed together and are constantly doing and saying the opposite.
    Yet when push comes to shove they show thier true colours and help one another out (look at when NDP) helped the Liberals pass thier budget which in turn led to the screw job.

    The big 3 will ALWAYS give the screw to Northern Ontario and not one will give a written policy to grow and invest in Northern Ontario!

    I am the leader of the Northern Ontario Party. Some ask what the difference is…

    Surprise here it is:
    – I am not paid to do it unlike the other 3
    – I am from Northern Ontario and will always focus on Northern Ontario.
    – The big 3 have had thier shot to make a difference and all they do is fatten thier pocket books and steal from yours.
    – We do not believe in sugar coating but ensuring everything is done right and carefully.

    Northern Ontario is its own province and was made so by queens park and all 3 parties even when they held power and did nothing to change it.

    Northern mines built Downtown Toronto!

    The NOP would work with all provinces to eliminate the “carbon tax”.
    As well would immediately eliminate Cap and trade!

    Enough is enough and stop voting for the establishment and proven liars!

    Trevor Holliday
    Northern Ontario Party Leader

  11. so she shouldnt have helped keep them in power, and now saying the word ‘overhaul’ is supposed to make us think she can break these 20 year contacts? Shes as big a liar as Wynne and Mcguinty.

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