Ontario premier writes open letter to Kevin O’Leary


Ontario’s Liberal premier has written an open letter to newly announced candidate for Conservative leadership Kevin O’Leary criticizing his proposed policies and comments he made about Ontario’s auto sector.

Kathleen Wynne wrote that she thinks O’Leary believes the government’s role should be to serve “society’s most well-off,” based on policies he’s outlined thus far.

O’Leary announced that he’s running for Conservative leadership last week.

Wynne wrote the letter in response to comments she said O’Leary made to media, though she didn’t give specifics about which media outlets.

She said O’Leary was “inaccurate on just about every count” when he told media that Ontario falls behind Michigan when it comes to investment in the auto sector.

She closed off the letter by welcoming the former “Dragon’s Den” and current “Shark Tank” star to the political arena.

“I respect anyone who is willing to enter the den,” she wrote.


  1. This might bolster his support, having a vile and despicable monstrosity opposing you will only help his chances.Shes the oe to accuse anybody of being inaccurate.

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