Opinion: The By-election


Soon there will be a by-election held to fill the vacated position of MPP. As we get ready to vote for this replacement, the Sault must remember that we are in need of true leadership.

Someone that will help the future plans of this great city, and that has a vision for it’s success. Under the Liberal government of Ontario, we have been subjected to increased hydro bills, ridiculous debt, wasted funds, scandals and countless poor decisions. With Patrick Brown making a strong bid for the Premier of Ontario position, those mistakes  and misfortunes should be alleviated. Ross Romano will be putting his best effort forward to work with Patrick Brown and to make those decisions that will give the Sault a helping hand.

Ross has brought Patrick Brown to the Sault numerous times and Mr. Brown is very aware of the situation, and the obstacles facing our Steel and Tube mills. The problem isn’t who is the more popular person, but who is the best candidate to represent us, a person working alone at Parliament in Toronto isn’t going to help us.

With the combined leadership of Patrick Brown and Ross Romano the Sault stands to be greatly represented, and we will have the full support of what looks to be the next Premier of Ontario in Brown.

So this next by-election and upcoming election for Ontario government, I ask that you cast your ballot for the person that will best support, represent, and help Sault Ste. Marie.
Lyle Bailey


  1. Good call Mr. Jackson. I also plan to vote for someone with a positive plan and vision. I use to vote for candidates that pushed terrible agendas. I am glad that I read this …

  2. You are correct. I’d rather vote for someone with positive objectives for our city as opposed to the other potential candidates with open negative objectives….. you nailed it.

  3. Why is Romano running as a Liberal Lite? Brown supports carbon taxes and sex ed for kids. Patrick Brown spends more time in India than he does in Ontario. We need Monte McNaughton!

  4. Patrick Brown is a shape-shifting weasel who stabbed social conservatives, true Conservatives, in the back. I’ll never vote PC as long as Brown is the leader.

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