Sault Legends: Ed Shaefer


Not much is known about this week’s Sault Legend except what I could gather from an obituary from 1938.

I sadly, couldn’t find a picture of him for this column.

But he played in the days of the old International Hockey League, before the days of the NHL.

I can only assume he played for the Sault Ste. Marie Marlboros, also known as the Canadian Soo and Soo Algonquins, which was a professional ice hockey team from Sault Ste. Marie. It was the lone Canadian entry in the International Hockey League of 1904 – 1907, and one of the first, if not the first openly professional hockey teams in Canada.

Shaefer was known for the time Newsy Lalonde came to the Sault in 1907 to play pro hockey.

Shaefer became a star and Sault Legend that day.

“He figured in one of the most historic rallies ever seen in major competition on Sault ice,” the Sault Daily Star reported.

In a game with Pittsburgh, the Sault trailed 6-2 with six minutes left to play.

In those six minutes Shaefer scored 3 goals and “lady” Taylor scored 3 to give the Sault the victory.

Shaefer started his hockey career with Tavistock at the turn of the century.

From there he moved to Stratford and then Midland to play.

He helped Thesslon win the Ontario Hockey Championship before coming back to the Sault to play for the 1907 team.

He was a right winger when 7 men, 60 minute hockey was the rule.

He played alongside Hughie Lehmen, Roy Brown, Fred McRobie, Marty Walsh, Jack Marks, Lady Taylor and later on, Newsy Lalonde.

In 1908 Shaefer went to Pembroke and then to Fort William before making the Sault his home.

He died at home at 364 Albert Street East at the age of 56.


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