Snow causing problems on hills and roads


The Sault Ste Marie City Police would like to advise the public to stay off the City Streets if at all possible. Three local hills are currently experiencing traffic issues and are impassable.

Bruce Hill, North Street Hill and 2nd Line East are the affected locations. City Police have already responded to a number of accidents locally and they expect that driving conditions will not improve until later tonight.



  1. we have excellent snow removal. That being said, they are not magical. They worked hard to get as much of the snow pack off the road as possible between all the freaking snow we have had in the last month, and continue to work hard to keep the main roads open. It’s a challenge to keep up with a foot of snow in 24 hours, particularly when it was mixed with rain like it was last night.

  2. IF we had better snow removal this wouldn’t be such an issue! Sending the salter out before the plows but not after only creates additional havoc too!

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