Starting the conversation on Basic Income in Ontario


If you’re interested in learning more about the Basic Income Plan being proposed by the Ontario government, you may want to attend one of two public information sessions this week.

Algoma Community Legal Clinic hosts Mike Balkwill from the Put Food in the Budget campaign for 2 information sessions regarding the Ontario Government Basic Income Pilot project. Both sessions are open to the public.

Every day, individuals and families mainly get income supports through programs such as Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program and the Ontario Child Benefit.

The Ontario government wants to test new approaches to improve health, employment, and housing outcomes for Ontarians and reduce poverty in the province.

In June 2016, the government asked the Honourable Hugh Segal for advice on how we could design, deliver and evaluate a basic income pilot. Mr. Segal has submitted a discussion paper, Finding a Better Way: A Basic Income Pilot for Ontario, which the sessions will be using as the starting point for this consultation.

Mike Balkwill will describe the ‘basics’ of Basic Income and provide a critical analysis of the proposed Basic Income Pilot Project.

The sessions are scheduled for Wednesday January 18, 2017 Session 1: 9:00 am – Noon and Session 2: 1pm – 4pm at the Sault Ste. Marie Delta Hotel, Thompson Room

The Algoma Community Legal Clinic is a law office funded by Legal Aid Ontario. It is staffed by lawyers, community legal workers and support staff, who provide free legal advice and representation to eligible clients in certain areas of law.

The Put Food in the Budget Campaign is a grass roots group committed to raising social assistance rates and the minimum wages to levels that ensure people can live lives of health and dignity.


  1. Agree with Mr Fata. Why not reduce hydro rates rather than give more hand outs. Look, I know this sounds extreme but basic income sounds to me like one step towards communism. We already know our Prime Minister is leans more toward this ideology than any other. Be careful what you wish for and do your research.

    • JC, Nice that you got your biased little snotty inaccurate “right wing” dig in at Trudeau, but if you took the time to actually read this article, it is the Ontario provincial government looking at this option, not the Federal government (BTW, Trudeau has not introduced any new programs that come even close to being communist).
      This basic income approach is being considered in several European countries and it is being studied globally too, as a way to save money on all if the bureaucracy currently paid for EI and all of the current social assistance programs. It would replace them not be added to them.
      Not sure if it will work, but it is worth exploring & a pilot plan is the best way to approach it & then enter into it carefully & gradually.
      Next time try to give some actual thought to your post instead of spewing uninformed random thoughts. It sounds like a Trump tweet! Embarrassing!

  2. The Wynne government should let people receiving Ontario Works get their minimum government support cheques as well encourage them to have a minimum wage paying job without cutting the government support income, at the same time taxing them at the appropriate tax rate. For a more favourable tax rate they are to contribute to a RRSP.

  3. @ Frank Fata…the easiest and fastest way to promote and provide more jobs is through education in relevant fields. That way employers will know that the applicant for a given job vacancy knows the difference between ” bare ” and ” bear “….just sayin…

  4. I just have one thing to say to this wynne liberal government- start finding ways to create employment in this once proud province. Then perhaps you wouldn’t have to find ways to give taxpayer dollars away for doing nothing. Especially when the cupboard is bear and you’ve blown billions of taxpayers’ money and simply looking for votes. Seriously folks; wynne’s liberals will probably win in June/18 and then what ? Only God knows if that should happen. Let’s be very careful what we wish for.

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