Strike, agree to terms or lockout is coming by mid-February for local 2251


The Local 2251 Steel Workers Union held an emergency information meeting to present the tough situation it is in with respect to Essar Steel Algoma Inc.

By mid-February the union will be forced to either strike, agree to terms imposed by the company or will be locked out.

“They won’t talk to us after what happened in Hamilton,” Steel Workers Union president Mike Da Prat said tonight after the meeting at Quattro Hotel.

“This is the first time this company has treated us the way it has. This time it appears as there is no working things through.”

The union has not been on strike since 1990.

The company, Essar Steel, said after what happened in Hamilton, the union must speak with an intermediary or conciliator, before it would talk.

This is not happening. “The conciliator will not talk to the union,” Da Prat says.

The terms the union must agree to as discussed is a 10 per cent decrease in wages and bye-bye to 6-7 week holidays unless it was grandfathered in.

How do the union members feel about this, “it’s not good, not good at all,” says Da Prat.

When asked if this was in process with good faith bargaining, Da Prat said “absolutely not.”

Members will decide on a possible strike at their next meeting with a secret ballot vote or agree to the terms.


  1. It may not be the most popular decision but it is the only one that makes any sense at all when dealing with foreign thieving corporate bullies who suck the life out of every business that they have anything to do with and devastate the cities that they are in.
    We don’t have any other options we must go on strike and show them that we are done with their bullshit.
    The government sits back and does diddly, the city remains their bitch.

  2. Gov’ts come and go. Generations of workers come and go. Customers of businesses come and go. Owners of businesses come and go. Boards of Directors change. Management changes. Even the name of the company changes over time. Yet time and time, over and over again, the company keeps failing, and failing, and failing. The constant factor? The Union and the likes of DaPratt and his lemming followers. Wake up, smell the coffee…or smell the smoke from pallets burning in empty oil drums outside the locked gates.

  3. Anyone who calls an integrated steelmaker a “cash cow” is clueless. This is a commodity in an industry with excess supply, and being in SSM puts Algoma at a significant disadvantage in terms or frieght costs to market. Does anyone think the sale of this company will close without a labour agreement in place? Sad situation for the employees, but taking a hard line will hurt all parties involved.

  4. These corporate thieves are not done milking this town dry just yet.
    The will reduce it to a retirement town, you watch and see.
    Stand your ground, no concessions, no wage cuts.
    They are near done being in control of it anyway.

  5. Come on, you all know the place is not making enough money to stay afloat. I understand you have to pay the bills and feed the kids …etc. I would take the cut in wage just to keep my job and feed the kids and pay the bills. But I would do it for a time period agreed by both parties.

    • The place is making money and the demand for steel is going up. Just because a company can cook the books and hide profit, doesn’t mean they aren’t making money. If they were losing money, there would have been mass layoffs. The last time everyone got laid off, they were merely displaced from their job and worked Elsewhere on a daily call in routine. They are giving one last kick at the cat before the high demand caused by Trump kicks in. Just my opinion.

  6. 10% what’s that 3 bucks or so, 6 to 7 weeks holidays. I’ve been at the hospital since 1992, I have 5 weeks. I need another 5 years to make 6 and you know what…I’ll be retired before that. Never mind the fact that I never made Steel workers wages and have over 8 years of post secondary education. Take the cuts, keep your pension and your job if you ask me. I sure would!!

    • And then what other concessions will new owners require?

      There has been some very shady stuff going down in this whole process. Far too much has been hidden from public view due to the CCAA process and the private ownership of the company. Don’t be blaming the union or workers. And the judge overseeing CCAA is the judge that oversaw Nortel’s proceedings, and we know how screwed Nortel workers were.

      And of course, at this time, our reps with the government are either non-existent (Orazetti jumped ship for continued public pay and pension), or neglectful (Sheehan). Where’s the leadership? Isn’t that why they get the big bucks and guaranteed, gold-plated pensions?

      Even the municipal government wants to tip-toe around this mess. They may want to apply some pressure…if workers are locked out I forsee a sharp decline in property tax payments come the March installment.

    • They just posted a what 85 million profit last quarter and could possible get the cogen back it is not the wage cuts that my husband is worried about. They also want to stop paying into the pension so anyone ready to retire won’t get much, also cut back on what drugs and where u can get ur drugs in the sault. They also want to be able to bring contractors in anytime they want so there goes more full time jobs. It is not just the wages and vac and I wish that people would know more of the facts before they say that they can afford to take a pay cut or they just need to keep the.plant open. What do u think will happen when they are about to bring in contractors anytime no more job postings. No more pension for some etc. Believe me if they vote to strike it will not be taken lightly because as it has been said they have families to feed and bills to pay, but they also have a future to fight for.

  7. Those are just a couple of the many imposed changes. A lot affecting our quality of life in and outside of work. A lot of them erasing decades and decades of changes that were made through blood sweat and tears generated from the men and women before us. It’s more like erasing history.

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