Tech experts warn of phishing scams targeting the Sault


A local computer and internet tech firm is warning of phishing scams going on in Sault Ste. Marie.

Melissa and Marcus Jakimik operate Tech Tutors Onsite. A company aimed at training and educating people on how to navigate their computers and the web. ” Our company has been getting A LOT of calls within the past 2 weeks about phishing emails and their files getting compromised. It appears as though the Sault is being targeted with many phishing scams.” The couple writes

“Several people needed their computers wiped and needed to change all passwords since these scams often include keylogging hacks which provide the scammers with passwords or anything else you type in.”

The tech couple provide the following tips and what to watch out for.

Don’t be fooled by Phishing Emails…
Recently, we’ve had a lot of customers call us because their computer got infected after opening up an email they thought was from their trusted company… when in fact it was a “phishing” email.
Once you open a phishing email, your computer and all it’s information, as well as anything you type on that computer could be compromised.
Don’t be fooled by these emails. Protect yourself using these tips:
1) Have an up to date paid antivirus program.
2) Communicate personal information only through phone or secure websites you know and trust.
3) Do not click on links or open emails from unknown senders.
4) Beware of emails or links asking for personal information.
5) Beware of pop-ups and don’t click on them.
6) Use firewalls, spam filters, secondary security software.
7) Check your online accounts and bank accounts regularly.
8) Use a sophisticated password of at least 8 characters; the longer the better.

Some common phishing scams going around have come from fake accounts that impersonate Canada Revenue Agency, Paypal, Hotmail, Facebook, Canada Post, FedEx, Banks.

To learn more or if you have questions you can contact Melissa and Marcus Jakimik via their website,