Warm days continue but for how long?


A welcome relief from the cold and snow this week will continue into the weekend and next week. Normal temps for this time of year puts Sault Ste. Marie at the -5c range. The warmest temp for this date goes back to 1947 when the temperature reached 6.7c. We haven’t come close to our average low temperature of -15c and we haven’t seen the bone chilling temps of -30c at all this winter. The record low for this date fell in 1984 at -32.2c

The active weather has come to an end for now, no big storms on the horizon and little to no threat of snow squalls developing has helped city crews with snow removal this week, but it is still the middle of winter so we do have more typical “winter weather” to get through before things start to feel more like Spring.

Temperatures this weekend could even break a record on Sunday. Environment Canada is calling for a daytime high of plus 5c with a mix of rain or wet flurries. The sloppy mix continues into the work week before temps start to nose dive again.

Down right chilly conditions are forecast for the first week of February and hold on for at least the first half of the month. Then a tug of war of freezing temps to above freezing temps set up for the second half of the month. The long range forecast might put a smile on your face if you’re longing for spring sun and warmer temps. March is expected to be slightly above normal temperature wise with plus temperatures showing up well before March break.