Who would you vote for as our new MPP?


The by-election that is expected to be called soon to fill the seat left vacant by former Sault MPP David Orazietti is starting to take shape as in who might be interested in the job.

Ross Ramano, councillor for ward 6, has already been nominated to carry the PC banner but no one has been nominated for the other two parties, namely the Liberals and the NDP.

But according to a recent Sault Star report, two other councillors seem to be keen in becoming the Sault’s new MPP.

David Orazietti first won the seat in 2003 as the Liberals, under Dalton McGuinty, painted the province red. The Liberals have been in power ever since, but recent policies by the Ontario Liberals and its Premier Kathleen Wynne, has seen support for the Liberals drop substantially in the last few years and the polls indicate that the Liberals are doomed in 2018 Provincial election.

Ward 3 councillor Matt Shoemaker, a staunch Liberal supporter, may consider running for the seat if asked by the Liberal association. Though the councillor did tell the Sault Star that “he’s focusing on his council work”.

Meanwhile, another two term Sault councillor, is considering running under the NDP banner. Ward 6 councillor Joe Krmpotich says he has been approached by the NDP party. “I’m thinking about it”, but did not elaborate any further.

Premier Wynne has six months to call the by-election for the Sault, meaning an early Spring election is likely. The new MPP will sit for just over a year before the next Province wide election in 2018.


  1. The vast majority of citizens in Sault Ste. Marie fail to realize that fiscal responsibility, in the form of service reductions, is a necessity when funding is not available. Understandably, taxpayers are frustrated, however, taxpayer dollars can only be stretched so far when alternative revenue sources are not available. Reducing services and cutting costs is basic economics. Had prior City Councillors been more diligent in allocating monies and/or operating under more fiscally responsible budgets in the past 10 years, the city would not be in its present state. I applaud councilors like Romano, Krmpotich and Shoemaker who have the audacity to make difficult decisions in a cash-strapped city, as opposed to those who prefer to continue to make “status-quo” decisions, as a means to not ruffle feathers or maintain the popular vote for the next election. The city needs more young, educated councilors who can bring fresh ideas and outside perspectives to improve the city.

  2. My thoughts. My opinion.

    Do we have any more choices? After the past couple years of the present city council, there are no options to draw from there. These few have had a hand in cutting our city services, increasing our taxes, and ignoring the citizens of SSM who voice their concerns and opinions. These are the people who put us in the situations we are in. Our city is owed over 20 million in taxes and no one has answered as to why this was allowed to get so far. Do we want to add to the already troubled provincial problems. Do we want to put any of our local politicians in control of anything with our provincial business? These are some of the questions I ask myself when you pose the question, “Who would you vote for as our new MPP?”

  3. None. They’ve all proven incompetent while working on City Council. Our City is a disaster and these 3 have all been a part in that. Why reward them with a cushy MPP job?

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