155 Sqn Air Cadets Honours Dr Roberta Bondar & Celebrates Longstanding Relationship with United Way

155 Squadron Marches past Dr Hazlet. L-R Capt. Jim Browne, Dr Paul Hazlet, 155 Pipe and Drum Band. PHOTO CREDIT: Captain Roy Harten

155 Borden Gray Air Cadets celebrated Dr Roberta Bondar’s 25th anniversary of her space flight aboard Discovery at their recent Commanding Officer Parade. Also in attendance representing United Way of Sault Ste Marie and District was board member Dr Paul Hazlet who inspected the cadets aged 12 to 18 years of age of the 155 Squadron along with their Pipe and Drum Band. On loan from the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Center was the new and unique Dr Roberta Bondar coin.

This coin is usually behind glass at the Bushplane Museum as part of the Dr Bondar display. The cadets got to see the coin up close and also saw the enlarged images of the face and how it is luminous in the dark and the reverse view of the coin commemorating Dr Bondar’s space flight.  The 155 Sqn recently partnered with the Bushplane Museum to offer the air cadets hands on training while learning aircraft maintenance, small engines from qualified instructors while using tools of the trade. This training is one phase of the Dr Roberta Bondar Air Cadet Training Program and is possibly the only program of its kind in Canada to offer monthly training with the resources of static aero engines and aircraft.

Viewing Dr Bondar Coin, Capt. Jim Browne, WO2 Ben Fisher, Cpl Alyssa Dupuis, LAC Maxim Kari. PHOTO CREDIT: Captain Roy Harten

United Way of Sault Ste. Marie and district, represented by Board Member and Past President, Dr. Paul W. Hazlett were proud to have participated in the first Commanding Officer’s Parade, celebrating the 155 Borden Gray Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets   75th Anniversary.

Dr Hazlet inspects the 155 Squadron Air Cadets.
L-R Dr Paul Hazlet, Capt. Jim Browne, LAC Maxim Kari
PHOTO CREDIT: Captain Roy Harten

Mr Gary Vipond, CEO, Sault Ste Marie and district United Way offered the following acknowledging the long standing partnership that the local United Way has with the 155 Squadron cadets.

: Dr Hazlet inspects 155 Squadron Pipe and Drum Band Sgt. Morin.
L-R Dr. Pual Hazlet, Capt. Jim Browne, Sgt. Alex Morin
PHOTO CREDIT: Captain Roy Harten

“United Way is proud to continue our 40+ support to the 155 Borden Gray Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadet’s. Cadet Program. Local youth from Sault Ste. Marie and district aged 12 to 18 can participate in a variety of fun, challenging and rewarding activities and learn valuable life and work skills such as teamwork, leadership and citizenship. The 155 Squadron, mentors are leaders and volunteers in our community who share their skills and ensure our youth have every opportunity to develop their potential. As well they are working to achieve identified community outcomes, addressing “On-time High School Graduation,” by mentoring youth in the Sault Ste. Marie community.”

Captain Jim Browne, Commanding Officer of 155 Squadron added “The partnership we have with the United Way is integral to the support we can provide our cadets. We are very thankful to their amazing organization for what they continue to allocate and how this helps us to build strong Canadian citizens”!

: Dr Hazlet inspects the 155 Pipe and Drum Band
L-R Dr Paul Hazlet, Sgt. Angilica Lanthier
PHOTO CREDIT: Captain Roy Harten

The 155 Squadron is celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year with a call to welcome alumni that include cadets, staff and supporters of the 155 to celebrate with us.. There is an anniversary weekend planned 05 May to 07 May which includes a meet and greet, Annual Review, Dinner and Breakfast on Sunday.

To learn more about the activities of the 155 Squadron and the 75th Anniversary please go to, www.155aircadets.ca.