An Exciting Weekend of Culture and Expression


“Love and Unity” will fill the air on Saturday, February 11 and Sunday, February 12 at Sault College’s annual Pow Wow taking place in the College’s Health and Wellness Centre!

Sault College is proud to continue the tradition of hosting the Pow Wow on campus and, for the third year, partner with the Bon Soo Winter Carnival! The event, hosted by Sault College’s Native Student Council and the School of Indigenous Studies and Academic Upgrading, will be an exciting, free weekend of celebration, Anishinaabe style!

“On behalf of Native Student Council, I would like to extend our warmest invitation to all students and community members to our #LoveandUnity Traditional Pow Wow,” says Jonathan Nolan, President, Native Student Council. “This event is student led and student focused and we are excited to share this experience with others and enjoy traditional food, dances and craft vendors. Our main objective this year is to bring everyone together from all directions and unite as one, love as one and of course laugh as one,” he adds.

Building on this year’s theme of “Love and Unity”, a Sacred Fire will be lit on Saturday, February 11 and will continue to burn until Sunday, February 12. The Sacred Fire will be held outside of the Student Health and Wellness Centre in Sault College’s new Fire Arbour “Wiigwaasgamig” Birch Bark House.

The Grand Entry will begin at 1 p.m. on Saturday, February 11 followed by a free, delicious feast at 5 p.m. in the cafeteria. The excitement will continue with the evening Grand Entry at 7 p.m. The Grand Entry on Sunday, February 12 will take place at noon.

The Pow Wow will feature the Host Drum Bear Creek Drum as well as co-host Obadjiwan from local First Nations. Other special guests include: Barbara Nolan and Ted Recollet as Head Elders, Mike Willis as Arena Director, and Philip Moore as Head Veteran. The Head Dancers will be Quinn Meawasige and Aiyana Nahwegahbow. Sault College’s Native Student Council has also invited special guests: “First Nation Dancers” who will be displaying different dance styles, including: Iroquois social dancing, powwow and hoop dancing.

Mr. Bon Soo and Corby the Sault College Cougar, dressed in full regalia, will also showcase their unique dance style when they participate in a dance-off challenge on Saturday, February 11 at 3 p.m.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in this amazing cultural experience. The Pow Wow will feature traditional drums, as well as dancers in full regalia who will share their skill and cultural expression through dance. There will also be many Indigenous craft vendors with a wide variety of handcrafted leatherwork, beading, moccasins, and jewelry.

Food vendors will be offering a wide selection of traditional Indigenous foods and will operate throughout the event.

Parking is free anywhere on campus.