Common Strokes is back again at the Station Mall


Common Strokes is back again this coming weekend at the Station Mall on February 25th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This is its 11th year!

In case you haven’t seen it before it is an art and craft showcase for local artisans. You can either take part or watch them at work. Here is a list of the participants and their art form:

  • Carson Merriefield (Painting on Glass for the Kiln)
  • Darren Emond (Caricaturist and Comic Book Artist)
  • Doris Anne Ray (Acrylic Painting)
  • Halina Peltonen (Activity and Information Table)
  • Judy Henderson (Painting and Art Cards)
  • Kim Slone (Painting)
  • Marcella Whillans (Watercolours)
  • Nancy and Kim Caldwell (Painted Oval Bores) (Pottery)
  • Nora Harrison (Watercolours)
  • Rutger Becker (Acrylic Painting)
  • Sandra Hodge (Painting on Clay)
  • Taimi Poldmaa (Painting Activity)
  • Zoey Wood-Salomon (Painting on Rocks)