Finally some good news in the weather dept


After a snowy and windy weekend and ever increasing snowpack, there is a reprieve in store for those who are now hating winter. The Sault didn’t really see a lot of accumulation over the weekend, most of it was blowing and drifting snow with about 19cm since Friday.

As first reported over the weekend, the recent snowfall has almost put us over the top for “snow on the ground” . Yes, this year Sault Ste. Marie has seen in excess of 13 feet of snow  since mid November. At present, we have about 115 cm left on the ground, that’s just over 57 inches.  It seems impossible that we could get rid of the white stuff with snowbanks  at 12 feet high and city crews practically giving up on the road ways as they couldn’t plow it fast enough.  But there is a light at the end of the snow tunnel.

A surge of warm air will move into the area starting this week and by the weekend temperatures as high as plus 5 or higher will start to melt away. Though there is a chance of more snow before that happens. Sault Ste. Marie could see another 5 to 10 cm mid week before a prolonged period of plus temperatures develop for about five days.

The long range forecast sees the second half of the month looking “seasonal” so we’re bound to be riding a roller coaster of temperatures over the next month, but then the real warmth builds in for mid March and if you put stock into long range forecasts, then you’re really going to like April. So far the month looks above seasonal temperatures with a mix of sunny days and periods of rain. If that holds true, the snowpack will be gone in fairly quick order. Hope that puts a smile on your face.