Good Samaritans !


St. Ann Catholic School in Sault Ste. Marie opened its doors to a group in need Thursday.

The school served as an overnight shelter for a busload of over 40 adults and youth heading to a Rotary Winter Conference in Wawa after Highway 17 North was closed due to adverse weather.

When the road was open to traffic, it was discovered that, due to the poor visibility, the bus driver could not complete the trip to Wawa as it would exceed his allowed driving hours.   As a result, ‘Plan B’ was put into effect and the busload of students and Rotarians were housed in the St. Ann gymnasium and library overnight.

St. Ann students and staff welcomed the group during the day with hot chocolate.  Later, Rotarians provided supper for the group, which included exchange students from all over the world and outgoing Sault Ste Marie students.

“As a Rotarian, I was proud to help our fellow Rotarians and students.  I am also grateful to the St. Ann staff and students which welcomed the group in true Bulldog hospitality,” said St. Ann Principal, Donna Carricato.

The group was also assisted in connecting to conference participants in Wawa by setting up a Facetime link.

“I was happy that our Board could be a Good Samaritan for these folks in need and could allow Rotary to continue its mission of ‘service above self’ on behalf of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, which promotes goodwill, peace and understanding,” added Carricato.

Following their impromptu stop, the group left early Friday morning for Wawa.


  1. And to think a school principal in the US got canned for doing the same thing, but for ONE individual… Sad but thankful that Canada is NOT like that!

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