Horwath begins new legislative session with focus on Hydro disconnections, Sault families

andrea horwath

TORONTO – Today during the first Question Period of the new legislative session at Queen’s Park, Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath stood up for a Sault family struggling to keep up with their hydro bills, even facing disconnection notices.

“Charlene lives in the Sault and she has three kids. Her husband works full time, she has two jobs; one part time, and one full time,” said Horwath during Question Period. “They try to do the laundry and cooking during off-peak hours, but between their work schedules and three kids, it’s hard. Can the Premier tell Charlene and people like her all across Ontario what she thinks they should do to get by?”

Horwath brought real families’ stories back to the legislature to push Premier Wynne to action.

“It’s like Premier Wynne hasn’t had to open a hydro bill of her own for the last five years,” she said. “Every month, Ontarians open up the hydro bill and it’s another reminder that this Premier and this Liberal government don’t get it.”

Horwath spent much of last fall and winter touring the province talking to people about the effect that their hydro bills are having on their families – people who get to the end of the month and have to decide between buying groceries and keeping the lights on. This is 2017 and New Democrats believe that in a Province with huge potential, nobody should be faced with that sort of choice.

While lowering the price of hydro is her priority, Horwath also said it’s urgent that Queen’s Park put a stop to winter disconnections. On Monday, Horwath moved a motion in the house that could pass as early as Wednesday – the fastest way to end winter disconnections.