How is Tracy’s Dream Doing?


Tracy’s Dream is pleased to announce so far the funds raised from our 2017 Algoma District Men’s Cancer Survivor Calendar is currently at $11,120.00  ( Feb. 02-2017). The fund raising campaign is not yet completed with more anticipated proceeds coming forward.

Once again the success of this campaign is based upon the overwhelming support from the community. So many people have come forward and given emotional and financial support, in addition to time and resources to help ensure Tracy’s Dream is sustainable and continues to ease the burden of parking costs for cancer patients. Please understand there are so many acts of kindness it is difficult to mention them all. We do however try to be current on the Tracy’s Dream Facebook page found here:

We thank every one of you.

Tracy’s Dream has been especially busy the past few months. Tracy’s Dream continues to assist cancer patients on a daily basis.

An example of how Tracy’s Dream is evolving:

  • Dec. 2015 – 6 people accessed Tracy’s Dream Dec. 2016 -23 people
  • Jan. 2016 – 7 people accessed Tracy’s Dream Jan. 2017- 38 people

We average giving 6-8 tokens to each patient based on a 30 day period, this calculates to an approximate average of 36.00 to 50.00 per call. To date Tracy’s Dream has been accessed on over 250 occasions.

Dennis Dinelle
Dennis Dinelle

All who knew of Tracy know that she was full of strength, determination and hope.  Her willingness to help others while battling her own disease has brought this strength, determination and hope to many.  I was dropping off a monthly parking pass for a cancer patient a couple days ago. The gentleman patient was at SAH receiving treatment but the family members shared a story with me.  They told me how their father had pictures of Tracy throughout his home. They said that Tracy was his inspiration that he used to fight on with his battle. Needless to say I was quite touched by this testimonial.

It is also inspiring to see through social media that some patients have begun expressing their appreciation of Tracy’s Dream.

Some upcoming planned events for Tracy’s Dream:

  • In April 19-22 -2017 Tracy’s Dream has been fortunate to be asked to partner with Shot in the Dark Productions for their upcoming performance of Young Frankenstein in The Theatre at The Tech.
  • May 2017 A Paint Night is being planned tentatively for May.
  • June 2017 Plans are underway for memorial celebrations in honor of Tracy Dinelle.
  • Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

Calendars remain available in the community at the following locations:

  • Absolutely Delicious
  • Arthur’s Funeral Home
  • Body First
  • SAH Gift Shop
  • Stones Office Supply
  • Your Spiritual Connection Center
  • Mark’s Autographs and Collectables.

Tracy has touched each one of us and hundreds of patients with her Dream. Tracy Dinelle truly continues to make an inspirational difference in our community.


Dennis Dinelle