“I Hate Change”


Change Definition by Merriam-Webster: ‘to become

One of our lovely clients attended our women’s fitness and wellness facility and said, ‘Just checking where the boots are today?’ She was referring to Kangoo Jumps boots that we use for a fitness class. Surprised, I advised that they were in the same place they were the last time she was in.

This client responded with a chuckle and said that she just wanted to check, because they have been moved so many times. She has handled all of our changes so well and always has a positive perspective and disposition. I was reminded just how different some people can be.

‘I hate change’ said me, never! I thrive on change, love change and look forward to change. It fuels me to look for ways to make change. I must admit that, in my opinion, though, there is a fundamental flaw with using the word, ‘change’. I don’t change things to make them worse. I change things to make them better. Change, unfortunately is associated with more negative energy, than positive.

I have found that in the process of transitioning a business venture has been somewhat challenging. It is not because of all of the remodelling, removing walls, moving equipment, adding equipment, repurposing spaces, establishing new procedures, working long hours, decorating or otherwise; it has actually been dealing with the numerous individuals who are uncomfortable with change.

In my personal opinion, change should not be a word that people loathe; it should be something that individuals look forward to. The primary purpose for any change is meant for improvement, efficiency, combining resources, solving a problem, finding a solution, streamlining expenses, maximizing space, improving an experience or making something more functional. Change is not meant to upset or frustrate people, even though apparently this is what it does, for some.

There is a great book that I read many years ago called, ‘Who Moved My Cheese’. Although I am paraphrasing here and I am simply going on the basics of what I recall of the book, it was quite powerful for me. The story is about some characters in a maze who dealt with the fact that their food source was moved and their varied reactions to it.

It is worth looking up the specifics of the story, since I wouldn’t want to give the ending away; however, it goes to show how different people dealing with the same situation will all react differently. What is remarkable to me; though, is how many people are unable to embrace change and would rather expel energy to dig in their heels, instead of giving the new reality a try.

This actually makes me feel sad. I can’t imagine living my life this way and it pains me to watch others create their own agony and suffering when dealing with change. I would rather use the words or phrase ‘growth’, ‘improvement’ or ‘embracing a new reality’, instead of the word ‘change’, but nobody asked me.

All I know is that I feel that the more an individual is able to embrace a shift in their current reality, the more inner peace an individual will have. Constant turmoil, based on the stories we tell ourselves, can make or break a good or a bad mood. Our mood and our experience of the world will often be directly correlated to how we handle the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows and the wave on ongoing, ever-moving pace of our current society.

How are you at handling change? Are you functioning within your comfort zone and saying ‘no’ to experiences outside of your norm? Are you missing out on something because you have planted your feet in one spot and don’t want to go through the work or effort to try a new path?

On one hand, comfortable is wonderful; I highly recommend it. On the other hand, why are you holding back from stepping out of your comfort zone? Are you afraid of what will happen? Are you nervous about the unknown? Are you selling yourself short because of your fear to take a leap, giving something a try or put yourself out there?

With my sister and uncle tied next to me, in a body harness, ropes and pulleys, we lifted off the ground, positioned horizontally, face down, as we were pulled high into the air, in the middle of Wonderland on Canada’s largest free-fall swing. People on the ground looked like ants, the sky was dark and spotlights were bright. Our loved ones waited below. Our liability waivers were signed and our hearts were beating fast.

It was scary, it was nerve racking and the Xtreme Skyflyer was the most extreme sport that I have ever tried, in my life, up until that point and since that time. Then, in an instant, our body harness was released from the lift and we fell toward the ground, at full speed, screaming loudly, only to reach the end of the tension and swing wildly back and forth, high above the crowd.

I was grateful that we come out of that alive. It was a rush of adrenalin and energy. It was exhilarating. It was a feeling of success and triumph. Zip lining a few times has also come close to this experience, but the part that was most exhilarating is reaching past what you think you are capable of doing and actually getting there.

Is there something that you want for yourself or your life but you are nervous about failing, not reaching your goal or not reaching your greatest potential? Would others describe you as resistant to change? Are you the type who wants to maintain the status quo?

I hate to tell you, but all growth, improvement or embracing a new reality involves stepping outside of what you feel is known to take the leap. It is in these leap moments that we surprise ourselves with just how brave and courageous we are.

You are worth the leap. Embrace ‘change’; it can actually be good for you. You don’t necessarily have to risk your life and do an extreme sport, but you can say ‘yes’ to opening your mind and welcoming ‘change’ into your life. You will discover your own strength, power, and inner lion along the way. Don’t be afraid of change in life. Be afraid of stagnation.

‘If you want something you’ve never had you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.’ ~ Thomas Jefferson