Ideas wanted on the future of the Sault


The Sault Ste. Marie Community Adjustment Committee (CAC) is looking for feedback from residents on our community’s current status within various sectors such as economic diversity, arts and culture, and the environment.

Visit the CAC website, to leave comments or email feedback to [email protected]. Open houses and presentations across the City will also be taking place over the next four to six weeks.

“The website provides information on our City’s current status on a broad range of issues from cultural vitality to economic diversification,” says Gayle Broad, CAC Chair. “This will provide a sound foundation for planning for the future and we now welcome innovative and creative ideas of how the community can build its resilience capacity into the future.”

More than 125 local residents have already been assisting the CAC with its work and hopes are that number will increase substantially with the website format and an upcoming Facebook page.

“Local businesses have helped us create videos and an interactive site,” says Katie Blunt, Project Coordinator for the CAC. “Many individuals, groups and organizations have helped us with fact-checking, recording the ‘Reality checks’ videos, and with identifying some opportunities for ongoing improvements. Now it’s the public’s turn.”

Over the next few weeks, CAC members and staff will be hosting open houses and making presentations to groups and organizations, as well as closely monitoring the responses received via the media and social media sites. Feedback from the public consultation shall be incorporated into the final planning by late March.

“We are on schedule to have the plan completed and submitted by April 24, 2017,” says Blunt.

The CAC website is located at:


  1. I feel for those that purchased big homes…with big mortgages in the belief that the future was very bright for this city. REAL ESTATE is about to take a big hit (IMHO only). I have noticed that there are also plenty of vacant apartments…with some owners offering the first month free. That to me is very telling. It may be an indication that more residents than we think may be leaving this city for good. It is time for council to get serious about the upcoming problems facing the taxpayer. Putting a face lift on city hall is not the way to go. What is the EDC doing about this problem?

  2. Tourism is where it’s at for Sault Ste. Marie, a good start would be getting rid of all those ugly portable signs that clutter the landscape, and not wait two years to do it. Get rid of Purvis marine and any other eyesores on the waterfront and make it an appealing place to be. Tour boats, why can Soo Mich have several and we can’t even have one? A fish hatchery is needed to make the St. Mary’s a world class fishery, bring back the brown trout. A water park amongst other things is needed badly to draw tourists.
    Big industry is not the answer because the taxes are far too high for them to consider this area.
    It’s going to get rough before it gets better, watch your dollars and don’t do any lavish spending in the near future, the real estate market is about to take a large hit in these parts.

  3. With the union ready to vote strike at the end of the month and put Essar DIP in jeopardy, the City better figure out how to run the place with severe tax income restrictions and downsizing, NOW… Not sit around like mushrooms in the dark waiting for a winning lottery ticket in the form of gov’t assistance to save the place…

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